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Chiyona Indriya - Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Healer and Exorcist

Chiyona Indriya

CEO, Teacher, Healer, Guide
Specializing in Exorcism


Chiyona was born to make her mark on this planet, ready to support those who are ready to take the leap forward. Her mission is to relieve pain and suffering and spread joy and love wherever she can. She helps others find and live out their higher purpose in life utilizing the tools of the Avatars from the ancient lineage of King Salomon, and grounding them into the now.

Osiris Indriya

CMO, Teacher, Healer, Guide
Apprentice Kabbalah Teacher


An initiated Spiritual Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon through The Modern Mystery School. He works with the universal system of Living Kabbalah to help others cultivate the Tree of Life in their own lives and become powerful creators. Osiris produces events and original music through Blessoteric Records, using this medium to showcase conscious artists and music.


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