The Lovers Unveiled (part 3): Judgement

How harnessing the ‘moment of truth’ will set us free.

Now it is time to conclude our story. But before we do, make sure you are familiar with what came before to get the most from what comes next:

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The Journey So Far…

We have experienced the first two acts of the instructive story of The Lovers from the Kabbalistic Tarot. We started with The Lovers’ formula for enlightened human consciousness engaged in miraculous manifestation.

  1. The Angel
    Spirit / Superconsciousness
    Knows purpose and is connected to all things
  2. The Woman
    Feminine / Consciousness
    Present awareness and the part of us that aspires and desires
  3. The Man
    Masculine / Subconsciousness
    The attractor and arranger of external conditions and opportunities

The Formula: The Spirit is. The conscious feminine looks toward spirit and desires progress to live as her higher potential. The subconscious masculine is informed by this conscious desire and brings about the conditions and opportunities to fulfill the desire.

Next, we learned from The Devil and Death what happens when we break from this original pattern with our mental attachments and overwhelming emotions. Temperance taught us how to get momentum back by staying in motion, embracing change, and returning to the dynamic balance of the present moment.

Our Story Continues

For today’s conversation, the key players from The Lovers remain our primary teachers: the Angel (superconscious), the Woman (conscious), and the Man (subconscious). This time we are taking a journey further down the Tree of Life into the penultimate card of the Major Arcana: Judgement (XX). This time we can see the same characters from The Lovers have returned, but they have made some changes to their formula.

Judgment, Not Judging

Judgment is in a similar location to the Lovers on a downward path from the right down to the center, but is much closer to the bottom — the moment of realization in the material world.

Judgment is a word that has multiple meanings, including: to come to a verdict in a court of law, or to commit to an opinion (often about another person). Both can be associated with the word “deserve” because one must be in judgment in order to decide what outcome is justified for another. There is a commonly known biblical reference that discourages this kind of judgment, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7:1). This is wise, because often those we judge most harshly are demonstrating the things we are the most ashamed of about from our past. The Judgement card has a different meaning entirely, but before we get there, let’s unpack the symbolism of the card.

Spirit is Calling This Thing

The Angel, or our higher self and infinite Spirit, is blowing a horn (aka sounding the buzzer). This symbolism illustrates to the concept of Judgement Day, the Apocalypse, the New Paradigm, or the end of the world as we know it. As an epoch completes, an age or phase of humanity ends, and we are assessed on what we were able to accomplish.

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” — 1 Thessalonians 4:16

The same happens at the end of and individuals game of life. According to the oral tradition of the ancient Mystery Schools, when we die, we are no longer engaged in living or the rules of physical existence. Our life is assessed, and a score is given that is recorded for eternity in our Soul. Just like humanity as a whole, when this phase is over, there is an opportunity to score our performance.

But who judges us? Who judges all of humanity?
We do. The Judgement card tells us how.

In Judgement, we see the same character in The Lovers plus the Child, and another set of a Man, Woman and Child in the distance, like a reflection.

Reversing The Flow of Consciousness

As you look at the cards together above, you can see that the man and the woman have switched sides for the Judgement card — or maybe we have moved behind them? The Woman (consciousness) is still looking up at Spirit (superconsciousness), but now her arms are outstretched toward the Man (subconsciousness). She is acknowledging. Her gaze is unmoved, but her actions refer to the subconsciousness. The Man is now on the left. He is looking up at Spirit for the first time, with arms close to his body signifying an acknowledgment of self. The arms indicate a role reversal for this couple from The Lovers, an active reversal of the direction of awareness. At the same time, both Man and Woman looking above to Spirit to receive feedback for this stage of becoming. Judgment is The Lovers checking the final score of progress, as measured by the Higher Self.

Through the Eyes of the Child

Let’s not forget about the Child. The youth is centered, with arms outstretched to connect the Man and the Woman, embracing the entire truth of this moment. The Child is gazing up toward the higher self along with the parents. This Child is the fruit of their labors; s/he is the score at the end of this game. Everything we create in our life becomes like our children, especially the things we produce that thrives beyond our active involvement, literally having a life of their own. These can be actual children, businesses, communities, products, and even ideas that become more than we intended or dreamed. It is by these fruits that we measure ourselves at the end of this phase of existence.

Out of the Box

Look down, and there is something strange going on. The Man, Woman and Child are all emerging from boxes. Some say these are coffins, and say that the pale color of their skin is are signs of death. These might also be the same box of illusion that the Man and Woman were tied to in The Devil, the limiting beliefs that held them fast… the rules of the game that no longer apply. Now they all rejoice in their freedom to expand into something new.

The Moment of Truth

The Judgement card is what I like to call The Moment of Truth. To illustrate, consider the championship game of a professional sport. All the players put intense effort and preparation, pushing the limits of what is possible, working for a lifetime to be at peak performance for the big game. The game starts. Everyone is putting their all toward the same goal of coming out on top. A true test of strength, agility, flexibility, stamina, intelligence, communication and teamwork.

Then something truly magical happens… the game comes to an end. The clock counts to zero. All the moves are played. All the points are awarded. The buzzer sounds! Game over. The final score is known. There are winners, and there are losers. The rules of the game no longer apply.

In Summary

Judgment is an end to a process of movement toward fulfillment or realization. As we attempt to create in our lives, at some point we have to call the work done, assess the success of our efforts, and then move on to the next iteration. Sometimes we fall short. Sometimes we do just enough. Sometimes we create something that takes on a life of its own, thriving beyond our wildest dreams. We won’t know until we invoke the energy of Judgement and bring the phase of preparation and execution to an end.

Important: the only assessment that matters is the perspective of our higher self (aka Spirit) who measures or results against the fulfillment of our unique and higher purpose… not the opinions of others. With the help of The Lovers and Judgement, we can make this move boldly and learn from a material assessment of our progress toward the full expression of our inner nature.

Thank you once again, Lovers, for sharing this very important message with us who seek your wisdom. Thank you for taking the form of Judgement to set us free from the game, propelling us to further progression.

Osiris Indriya teaches Kabbalah in the Ancient Mystery School oral tradition in the Seattle area, and can be reached at

If you would like to do some self-study in Kabbalistic Tarot, please consider the Builders Of The Adytum system of Paul Foster Case.

The Lovers Unveiled (part 2): The Devil, Death and Temperance

When the formula for human consciousness falls apart.

If you haven’t read Part 1…
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Good. I hope that you found something of value in the formula The Lovers has shared with us. Are you ready for more?

The Lovers… Again

When last we consulted with The Lovers, we learned that the card was speaking to us from a higher state, near the top of the Tree of Life. It shared the map of human consciousness calibrated for harmonious manifestation. The Angel represents our infinite spirit (superconsciousness), and is centered above the feminine aspect (consciousness) and the masculine aspect (subconsciousness). In this ideal state, we keep our conscious feminine awareness focused up toward the higher potential of Spirit, becoming the object of our desire. The masculine subconscious observes this desire and provides the circumstances and opportunities to fulfill it.

But Who Really Lives Like That?

This mode of living may seem unfamiliar. For instance, many of us may feel that our subconscious mind can not always be trusted. We struggle with repeating patterns of hard lessons.

Just when we think we have gotten over that horrible relationship or past trauma, we are experiencing it again, and the emotions seem to have no end. It is the subconscious mind that fills with past issues that we have left unresolved. Rather than setting up new learning opportunities, it regurgitates these old ones because it can not fulfill its primal function until we have acquired the knowledge and wisdom from our past experiences. Until then, it is like a janitor trying to clean up the endless messy trail of unlearned lessons in an attempt to return to the present and heal.

Fortunately, the secret to this more familiar process of repeating past hurts is also outlined for us through the Major Arcana of the Tarot. So let’s move down the Tree of Life from the individuality toward the personality to see the pattern of The Lovers repeated (as above, so below) but with some small tweaks that transform success into suffering.

The Lovers in Disguise

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the new players in our scene: Death (XIII), Temperance(XIV), and The Devil(XV). [Dun dun dunnnn…]

You may be able to see some similarities when the cards are laid out in the pattern above. In the 13th, 14th and 15th paths, we can see The Lovers again, but in a state of process, rather than in their state of fulfillment.

Temperance (XIV)

The Temperance card has a similar Angel to the one we find in The Lovers. Again, this represents Spirit or the superconscious that is in touch with and aware of all things. Here, Spirit is demonstrating balance, but not stillness. The Angel is engaged in a dance of balance that is required to stay present in this moment. The world around us is in a constant state of change. To stay in balance with this environment, we need to stay in motion and even anticipate the change around us. We temper fire with water and water with fire. We must first understand the elements and bring them into an active and fluid balance in order to clear the way to even the slightest perception of our infinite selves. Temperance invites us to join in this joyful and dynamic dance of balance.

There is a staying, “If you stop moving, you die.” Intense. But true. When we stop moving, resisting change, the world does not stop. It leaves us behind. It is much more work to run and catch up with life than it is to just keep moving.

The Devil (XV)

The Devil may not remind you much of the female figure from The Lovers, but there is a clear similarity between the two cards. There is a winged creature above and a female and male figure below. The Devil card is showing us what happens when we get caught up in the illusions of the mind. It shows us that we have a limited perspective, and that our conscious awareness tends to perceive only what we choose to focus on. In The Devil card, the human figures have animal traits like tails and horns, showing that we are reduced to our base survival instincts. They are chained to the pedestal where The Devil perches. But if they were paying more attention to the situation, they would realize that the chains that bind them are just loose enough to pull over their heads. The would also notice that the pedestal they are chained to is just a two-dimensional outline, an illusion of substance. But instead, they remain chained by their inability to see with enlightened eyes.

The Devil in this image is actually trying to help us out. Notice that he holds the fire to the male figure, the subconscious. This stimulates the subconscious to bring the attention of the female figure, the consciousness, toward the attachment. The formula from The Lovers is effectively reversed. All gazes are focused downward toward the attachment, and not to moving forward toward that higher ideal. This is the exact process we described earlier, where the subconscious is trying to clean up the messy attachments from the past. The Angel is wearing Devil clothing in order to show us that we are holding ourselves back, making something outside of us larger than us, and forgetting that we are capable of so much more.

Death (XIII)

Death may not resemble the male figure from The Lovers either, and Death at first glance has little in common with the layout of The Lovers. Look again, and you will see familiar faces. Here the Angel has become the Angel of Death. The female (conscious) is overcome with grief. The male (subconscious) has died. There are some new faces too. The child is the innocent product of the male and female coming together, looking on with curiosity and without fear. Another guest, The Heirophant, has come down from his card to intercede on our behalf.

What we are witnessing is what happens when we are overcome by emotions. Our awareness (feminine) can only see the emotional state, and all other awareness is blocked out… complete overwhelm. With her total focus on her experience, the subconscious gets no input, and stops functioning, effectively dead until something can intervene and bring us back to ourselves. Perhaps you can remember a time where you were so overcome with emotion that the world seemed to stop. Eventually, this state must end. In nature, it is Death that brings life. And the sun on the horizon is setting on this phase, and rising on the next, the innocent child just discovering a new world.


What would happen if we could become aware of our chains of attachments and remove them? What would happen if we let go of our emotional baggage and let it the rays of the sun back in? We could look up at the future we could be creating with a higher purpose, and then move to balance ourselves with our changing world. Then, with our gaze upturned, we would sow new seeds in our garden that would bloom us back into The Lovers.

Thank you, Lovers, for sharing this very important message with us who seek your wisdom. We also thank your partners: Death, Temperance, and The Devil for the parts they play in reminding us how much we can learn through our mistakes.

Act two of our story has clarified the amazing formula of consciousness by showing us what it looks like when things don’t go as well as they could. But to what end? How do we know when we are on the right track? Great questions, and you can learn the answers to these when we invite in the Judgement card for the conclusion of this story.

The Lovers Unveiled (part 1)

It’s not about relationships and sex. It’s a map of human consciousness.

We could Foolishly start at the beginning of the Tarot. Nah, let’s skip ahead to my favorite card of the Kabbalistic Tarot, The Lovers.

The Kabbalistic Tarot

Not all Tarot Decks are equal. Some are Kabbalistic, and are derived from the Golden Dawn decks which tradition says are hundreds or even thousands of years old. Two examples are the Rider Waite and Builders of the Adytum decks, which include 60 numbered and court cards split into four suits (called Minor Arcana) and the 22 Trumps (called Major Arcana). These can be called Kabbalistic because the number of cards, their numerical values, correspondences, graphic symbolism, and their meaning are all rooted in Kabbalah.


Most well-known as a Jewish mystic tradition, Kabbalah can be found in whole or in part in the ancient mystic traditions of nearly every culture. This is because Kabbalah deals in Universal concepts and tools that are relatable to all things. Oral tradition states that the Kabbalah is actually older than our species. We had it with us in some form when we first made our appearance on this planet. The word translates from ancient Hebrew as, “to receive” or “that which is received,” meaning that the experience of Kabbalah comes with tradition and personal experience. Whatever ideas you may have about this system, you must know that it is very old and has been carefully passed down through the ages. For many, it has been a powerful tool to understanding life, creation, and our own nature.

But, this is not a conversation about the Kabbalah as a system, it IS a conversation about The Lovers.

The Lovers (VI)

When we first look at The Lovers card, it appears to be about relationships, nature, desire, and sex. That makes sense on the surface, but that is not where The Lovers are coming from. This card or “path” is placed far up near the top of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, far removed from physical reality and our bodies, and even further, beyond even the realm of the personality, crossing beyond the limitations of existence as we know it. [dramatic music swells]

This card crosses “The Abyss” between the world we as humans can know, and that which is beyond our comprehension. Yes, we can work with The Lovers to express expansive experiences in relationships and with sex, but that is not the best way to comprehend the story The Lovers are here to tell. The Lovers are a map of the enlightened mind. They are naked because our inner masculine and feminine nature exists here innocently in their pure and uncorrupted state, closest to the highest vibrational powers.

The Lovers Unveiled

Symbolically, we see four main characters: the Angel, the Woman, the Man, and the Snake. We also see the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from the Book of Genesis, and we see a tree in flames. Above is a radiant sun, and below is a single mountain peak. There are endless ways to interpret these important symbols… each has multiple layers of significance. What I want to focus on here is the specific process this card in its entirety is describing… the primal nature of human consciousness.


The Angel represents the realm of Spirit, or the infinite aspect of ourselves. Edgar Cayce (mystery school initiate and Kabbalist) referred to this aspect as “superconsciousness.” This is the part of us that is connected directly with the essence of all things, sharing in a Universal experience. It knows what the Great Plan is, and it understands its nature and its place in the Universe.

As we exist here in our physical bodies, we are largely disconnected from the direct experience of superconsciousness. Some of us get vague and fleeting impressions, as if through a veil which is symbolized in The Lovers card as the cloudy wisps under the Angel. The Angel’s hands are held apart over the male and female figures, showing the necessity of the separation of the genders. This prime duality of gender is critical to manifestation.


The woman is on our left, the receptive side and the side of form. Her gaze is focused upward toward the Angel. This representation of pure feminine is our conscious awareness, or the part of us that is self-aware and awake in the world. By looking up toward the angel, she is keeping her focus on the potential of what she could be rather than the minutia of the mundane world under foot. The Lovers tells us that the role of the conscious mind (or our feminine nature) is to desire that which we are striving to become.


The man is on the right, the active side and the side of force. His gaze is focused toward the feminine/conscious aspect (can you blame him?), and he represents the subconsciousness. This is the program that runs in the background without us being aware of it. It is his job to observe the desire of the feminine consciousness, and to provide the opportunities for this desire to be fulfilled. The Lovers tells us that the role of the subconscious mind (or our masculine nature) is to bring about the fulfillment of conscious desire.

In summary, this is the primal pattern of the human mind in balance:

  • Spirit is. 
  • Consciousness desires to be.
  • Subconsciousness facilitates the becoming.

These ideas are contrary to what many of us have been taught. We are trained to use our conscious minds to solve problems. We analyze the limited input we receive through our senses — senses that are so easily fooled by ignorance or fear of pain. Then we define options, create a formula to weigh out these potentials, and then we commit to a path, eliminating all other possibilities. We call this the “practical” and “reasonable” way to move forward.

There is truth to this on a certain level of consciousness, namely the lower vibrational states of matter and stuff. However, the expanded consciousness abandons this slow crawl toward a moving target. Instead, we become aware of what could be, and we use the conscious mind to desire this outcome intensely with unwavering focus. This is not the same thing as attachment to an outcome. This is a burning passion for becoming something more without eliminating any of the potential pathways to the desired outcome, or the possibility that the objective may change along the way.

All the while, the subconscious is listening to this desire, becoming a force for its fulfillment. He gathers far more information than our limited awareness can hold, sorts it, and literally designs opportunities where none existed before. So much potential is swirling around us and the subconscious mind brings the best opportunity to the front and sets this path before our feet. The conscious mind can then step forward without ever shifting her gaze of desire away from the higher potential. This is how we are designed to create and to move through this world. This is the mind made in God’s image.

Thank you, Lovers, for sharing this very important message with us who seek your wisdom.

Is there anything The Lovers would like to add to their story? Oh yes, but we will need a little help from their friends: Death, Temperance, and The Devil.

Continue to The Lovers Unveiled (part 2).

The Grays

We Are Light

I used to think I was gray, and that by being gray I could see the Dark and the Light with a neutral perspective. Then I realized that there is no gray; there is no neutral. That was a lie I accepted from the world outside and then told myself to squeeze my infinite awesome into a limited existence filled with suffering. There is the Light that we are, and there is the darkness of believing the story that we are less than Light. People suffer because they have forgotten they are Light. One day I woke up and said no to that story. I did not come here to suffer, but to reveal my unique hue, shining a little brighter every day, illuminating the pathway others can follow back to their own Light.



Vulnerable. A word spiritually minded people like to use to describe what I would call being real. But why is being real vulnerable? Why would being true expose me to harm? Wouldn’t the opposite be true?

Vulnerable definition.

Definition from

I am most vulnerable when being false. Lies can be detected, and the house of cards built from lies can tumble down and leave me exposed and unprepared. Being real is the only way I know of to be invulnerable.

Here I am. See me as I am. Think what you want. Say what you want. And the real me will do what the real me does. I make mistakes, and I acknowledge them so a new solution can be designed. There is nothing about the real me that can be destabilized by you, and when I am ready, being real initiates internal shifts… progress toward my evolution. I may choose to respond to you. I may not. But that is real, and real feels like the least vulnerable version of me.

7 Concepts From Living Kabbalah That Can Redirect Your Abundance

This message is for you

…if you feel that you could have a better handle on abundance in your life, in it’s many forms. If you have a huge vision, but lack the time, money, energy or resources to make it happen, please read on. You are invited to get a taste of this Mystery School system for living an exceptional life. More information is available at

What is abundance?

When I ask my students this question, I hear two main answers. The first usually includes the “good” things in life: friends, family, opportunity, love, food, etc. The second is cash… lots and lots of cash. All of this is good, but money is one of the most powerful forms of abundance because it can attract and be converted into many other forms of abundance. And for those of us who have a big purpose to accomplish in this life, in most cases that will require having access to a lot of money. Regardless of the kind of abundance we want to focus on, we can view it through the same lens.

Let’s start with the dictionary for definitions of abundance for cultural reference:
Dictionary Definition 1 – “The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.
Dictionary Definition 2 – “Plentifulness of the good things of life.

Having an "overflowing cup" is the Kabbalistic definition of service. To fulfiull a higher purpose, we first must serve ourselves so we have enough to share with others.

Having an “overflowing cup” is the Kabbalistic definition of service. To fulfill a higher purpose, we first must serve ourselves so we have enough to share with others.

Both of these make me think of having more than enough. A word I often hear as an aspirational goal is “sustainability.” But that word is about having exactly enough. Abundance is like having a cup that overflows; it is having more than you can hold so you have the opportunity to direct the overflow. This leads me to the definition of abundance I would like to propose for this conversation.

My Kabbalistic Definition – “One’s ability to release all things because anything that is needed can be produced in the moment.

This is a higher level perspective of abundance, where you have literally designed a life for yourself where you need nothing, and have no attachments, because you can literally produce more of anything you need in any moment. Let that idea sink in for a moment and consider what that might look like. Is it even possible? My experience tells me yes.

The Flow of Abundance

Imagine with me that Abundance is a river. Our relationship with this river can determine how much influence we have over the abundance in our life. And once we understand this relationship, take responsibility for creating it, we can change it!


No one keeps abundance far away from us. Perhaps we believed someone else when they told us we didn’t deserve it, or that it wasn’t within reach. Ultimately it is our choice to maintain the distance, and once we are here, we even defend this distance with our lives.

1] Some of us view the current of abundance from a distance.
We have very sophisticated reasons why this flow is so far away, and we judge those who are closer to it than we are. We blame others for our distance. We even tell ourselves that this flow is bad, or that it would be bad for us, to justify staying far away from it. We say things like, “Money is the root of all evil.” This can be called Poverty Consciousness.

When TIME = MONEY, our ability to work with abundance is limited by something we can not change... time. There is cap on our potential dictated by an outside force. This is akin to slavery, where our access to abundance is divorced from the real value we are capable of generating and is instead attached to time.

When TIME = MONEY, our ability to work with abundance is limited by something we can not change… time. There is cap on our potential dictated by an outside force. This is akin to slavery, where our access to abundance is divorced from the real value we are capable of generating and is instead attached to time.

2] Some of us stand at the edge, hoping to catch a little bit for ourselves. We acquire a specialized way for pulling from this river. We are only able to pull in what our technique can catch, and only as fast as our tools can work. We say things like, “Time equals money.” This can be called Earner Consciousness or Worker Consciousness… the idea that if I work hard and fit in that I will make it.

Standing in the flow is not easy. It has a momentum, and we can get swept away. So we need to learn quickly how to stand stable in this flow, or learn how to go with it and navigate the currents by shaping ourselves into a vessel for navigating and/or containing this flow.

Standing in the flow is not easy. It has a momentum, and we can get swept away. So we need to learn quickly how to stand stable in this flow, or learn how to go with it and navigate the currents by shaping ourselves into a vessel for navigating and/or containing this flow.

3] Some of us jump in and stand in the center of this flow. We go straight to where the abundance is and we exist in and around it. However, being in it does not mean we have the ability to direct it to our desires. So we learn by proximity, and find others who have learned to direct abundance. And those we find likely learned what they know from someone else.

abundance, river, basket, jungle woman, girl

The truth is that abundance is everywhere, and the belief in scarcity and separation is what prevents us from having more access to what is there.

4] Once in the river, we can try to catch and to hold the flow. But the nature of abundance is to flow, and trying to hold it often leads to problems like greed, hoarding, entitlement… all forms of attachment. As much as we try to hold on to abundance, it ceases to be abundance and becomes a weight that holds us down. So the trick is to find a way to keep abundance flowing while having this flow work for us.

Rather than stop the flow, some tools convert the flow of abundance into energy that we can directly apply to accomplish our desires. These tools need maintenance to continue to serve us.

Rather than stop the flow, some tools convert the flow of abundance into energy that we can directly apply to accomplish our desires. These tools need maintenance to continue to serve us.

5] We can create a powerful system to put the flow to work for us. We can spend the time, money and energy to invent something new, spending a lifetime to get results. Or we can plug in to systems that already exist, standing on the shoulders of those that have succeeded in the past. Both methods are valid and valuable. Your choice depends on your purpose. Which path leads to the accomplishment of what you are here to do.

Imagine if instead of one cup overflowing, you had one cup that overflows into another cup, which overflows into another and another... allowing you to accomplish miracles.

Imagine if instead of one cup overflowing, you had one cup that overflows into another cup, which overflows into another and another… allowing you to accomplish miracles.

6] Once we have created one successful method, we can create more, dramatically increasing our influence over the flow of abundance around us. We don’t need to be limited to working in one way. Specialization is a based on the lie of limitation and separation. We are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings with the ability to imagine and manifest. Not only can we replicate our successes for ourselves, but we can help others do the same.

Kabbalah calls each of us a Dethroned Sovereign who has lost our crown. We wander through our kingdom, our nobility forgotten, hesitating and waiting to be told what to do next.

Kabbalah calls each of us a Dethroned Sovereign who has lost our crown. We wander through our kingdom, our nobility forgotten, hesitating and waiting to be told what to do next.

7] All this is possible because we are all created with the ability to wield abundance. We are not physical beings having a physical experience. We are eternal spiritual beings e a limited physical experience. We are here on vacation, and we have this rental vehicle of a physical body to get around in this existence of matter. And when we awaken to this truth, then the limitations of the physical world loosen their grip, and we become who we were always meant to be.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in learning more, I would love to hear from you. Please call 206.538.0070, or email me.

Prayer in the Center

Kabbalah, Star of David, Seal of Salomon, Tiphareth, In the Center, Source, God, Universe, Oneness

I am in the center.

The center is where I am. And from the center I draw lines of connection, lines of love, to all the things I am aware of. Then I make a choice. Rather than retracing the lines I have already traced, I reach within to the source of Love and Light. In collaboration with this energy, I imagine places to connect to that have never before been seen or felt. And then I open my eyes and see these new connections coming toward me.

10 Concepts in Living Kabbalah that Help You Build Healthier Relationships

living kabbalah, universal kabbalah, healthier relationships, love, marriage, dating, evolved relationship

This message is for you

…if you are seeking new ways to find and experience healthier relationships that include more harmony, mutual support and respect, and contribute the fulfillment of a higher purpose. You are invited to get a taste of this Mystery School system for living an exceptional life. More information is available at

Wandering in the Darkness

For many years I lived the stories of promising relationships gone bad, seeing the supreme high of connection overcome with the shadows of bitterness or indifference. The sweet relationship sours, then comes the chore of disentangling the knots of choice and emotion; a chore I did not have the skills or experience to complete. First I looked to my now former companion to place the blame, wishing, “If only they could see themselves the way I see them. If only they had listened to me.” Later I would turn to myself and say, “I am just not (ready/good enough/in the right place/capable/deserving) of a relationship like this.” Eventually I opted for a more diluted assignment of responsibility, saying, “We just grew apart. It was never meant to be.” All of these statements were just stories I told myself to pack my pain in a box and hide it away so I could, in time, rediscover the courage to try again.

Thriving in the Light

This all changed when I began to study the Living Kabbalah in the Western Mystery School tradition in 2004. It was in this 10-month program focused on experiencing the Tree of Life that I began to understand why I was repeating these cycles with greater and greater sophistication. I saw myself transforming. And as I changed, so my relationships changed. Some people were inspired by my rapid progress and were excited to shift with me into new ways of relating. Others decided to move on, making room for the amazing new connections I had become ready to invite into my life.

And the best thing about this process, is that it is repeatable. It isn’t by chance that I had made my changes for the better. This Mystery School system for enlightenment has been passed down through thousands of years as an oral tradition. It has been tested and refined through the ages, with generations and generations of those who had tasted the sweet fruits of this path.

After tasting my fruits from the Tree of Life, I knew that it was a critical part of my mission in this life to share these tools with others, and so I began a years-long and rigorous training process to become a Kabbalah Instructor, Certified by the Modern Mystery School. This organization has a documented direct lineage from King Salomon and beyond, and currently operates in over 40 countries world-wide on its mission to create World Peace through sharing the secret teachings of the ages with those who are ready to learn, grow and change themselves.

10 Kabbalistic Concepts for Healthier Relationships:

The Living Kabbalah help me by providing a deep understanding and personal experience of the following countdown of concepts.

10. To truly know another person, I must first know myself.
9. I can reveal the hidden parts of me and I can heal myself.
8. My mind can be organized and clarified with simple everyday actions.
7. True emotions come from and are experienced in this moment.
6. Beauty is found in the balancing of opposites, and in caring for my inner child.
5. Healthy relationships require boundaries and discipline.
4. Love is not an emotion, but a universal energy that connects.
3. Every human has a unique balance of masculine and feminine energy.
2. I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.
1. I am the one who is responsible for everything I am experiencing in my life.

I could easily write a complete volume on each of these statements, but that would only tell you my story. To truly turn this knowledge into understanding, you must experience each of these for yourself and in your own way. And I am offering you an opportunity to decide if you are ready to do just that!

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Peace & Change

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One of the biggest triggers for negativity is change. Yet, change is essential to all aspects of existence. When we try to stand still, holding fast to comfortable choices, the world leaves us behind. Eventually, the suffering from our stagnation compels us to breakthrough or breakdown until there is nothing left to do but surrender to a more dramatic shift. Running to catch up is much harder than keeping pace / peace with existence. We are not static, no matter how much we would like to think we are. Waiting for everyone else to change so we don’t have to… leaves us alone. There is nothing to wait for. Everything that is happening is happening now. We can’t change what already happened, and we can’t stand on what has not yet come to pass.

One of may favorite representations of this ability to keep pace/peace with change is found in the Temperance card (XIV) from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, also called Art in some decks. This card has many meanings, including the art of maintaining a moving and dynamic balance between contrary forces.

Peace is not a destination. Peace does not stand still. It is not enough to balance the scale and cement it in place. Peace is an active state that can only be maintained by presence, and the path to presence is finding a resting place in this moment of now. Now moves and is also constant. It is not a paradox, but a condition of progress. And when we can temper our need to know with our desire to grow, we can bring Fire and Water together into a dynamic dance of becoming. But if we stop our motion, the water extinguishes the fire, or the fire evaporates the water. And then we have to source more to catch up with this moment.

Yes, our relationships, our occupations, our communities, our governments and institutions, our towns and cities, our perception of self and the world all change. We can try to fight the primary rule of physical existence, or we can get up and start moving to the rhythm in our heart, dancing to the song of our soul to become inspired and to inspire peace and progress as participants instead of spectators… living life alive… happening to life rather than waiting for it to pass us by.

Choosing a Spiritual Path

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Choose Your Own Spiritual Adventure

No one needs special training to have a spiritual experience of life. We can go our own way and blaze our own trail through the wilderness of experience. In fact, this is the only way many important lessons can be learned. Where training makes a difference is when we want to interpret and understand what we discover.

In isolation, we lack a vocabulary to interpret our discoveries. We lump various experiences into one monolithic mystery phenomenon. We call it “Universe” or “Spirit” or “God” or “Higher Self”. None of this is wrong, it is just imprecise. It works if what you are looking for is a simple understanding of spirit.

Advanced spiritual training gives us a nuanced vocabulary and various “tool boxes” we can use to observe a wider spectrum of specific phenomena, interpret it, and make use of these to create progression toward a purpose. To be trained, we first find someone we respect who has demonstrated success on a spiritual path. We ask to follow in their footsteps, and then we receive tools to understand what we find along the way. The result is a more sophisticated and multidimensional understanding of self and other, physical and spiritual phenomena. We use this vocabulary of experience to make practical use of our findings, and we have a community of others working with similar toolset where we can share and discuss our findings… And celebrate our successes and learning!

There is no right way to do it… Just a right way for each individual. And we know we are on the right path, however we do it, because we are getting somewhere! We are living a fulfilling life and the evidence is everywhere and in everything we touch. By our fruits we will know.

So if you find yourself at the crossroads of going it alone or seeking training, consider the quality of experience you would like to have. And whatever you choose on your spiritual path, may it bear the most delicious fruit of fulfillment!

[ BONUS TIP: Even when we receive training, we are still going it alone! Meaning, we still need to seek and define truth for ourselves, because no one has the answers we are seeking, but others may have better tools to help us discover and make use of our own truth. ]