Introductory Classes

Evening opportunities to experience the Lineage of Salomon

  • Introduction to Magick
    Learn the essential concepts from Western Magick Tradition from the Lineage of Salomon, also called “White Magick” aka the art and science of change. Gain first-hand experience in real magick!
  • Living Kabbalah: Redefining My Relationships
    An evening exploration of relationships through the perspective of the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. Starting with your first relationship, with yourself, this class culminates in a list if affirmations you can use today to inspire healthier relationships.
  • Living Kabbalah: Redirecting My Abundance
    An evening exploration of money and wealth through the perspective of the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. Money is a measure of one’s ability to flow, and we go deeper into our relationship with this flow and how to increase our access to it.
  • Living Kabbalah: Re-inspiring My Creativity
    An evening exploration of relationships through the perspective of the Tree of Life and Kabbalah. We explore where inspiration comes from, the power of the imagination, and use a tool from Kabbalah to shift our consciousness to the source of all ideas to collaborate with the divine.
  • Unveiling the Lovers
    One of the most recognized cards in Tarot is The Lovers. Tarot is a system created by Kabbalists centuries ago to help us understand how we change states of consciousness.  When we look at the symbolism in the artwork, The Lovers reveals a hidden formula for human consciousness that repeats throughout the rest of the cards.

Core Classes

Prerequisites for Healers Academy (2nd Initiation)

  • Empower Thyself Initiation
    Two-day class ending with an initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the Lineage of King Salomon.
  • Sacred Geometry I
    Gain access to the “Keys to Heaven”, learning the lineage way to create a Magick Circle, to Grid & Seal a room, and to create a Temple space.
  • Astral Travel
    Learn a safe a reliable way to travel outside the body to access the Akashic Records, travel the Earth and all over the Universe.
  • Journeys of the Spirit
    One full day of meditations and visualizations to expand on the Sanctuary Technique from Empower Thyself, gaining access to new areas and new beings to assist you in accomplishing your higher purpose.
  • 12 Races of Earth
    An introduction to the 11 races that share Planet Earth with humans: Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies, Vampires and more. Learn what their purpose is in the evolution of the planet, and how we can respectfully and safely interact with them.

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