Advanced Kabbalistic Tarot: The Lovers (part 3)

Two years have passed since our last chat with The Lovers, the 6th Path of the Kabbalistic Tarot. For that conversation, The Lovers brought some friends (Temperance, The Devil, and Death) and we learned what happens when the enlightened mind is forced into an experience of density (aka the Physical Experience). Here on Earth, we have a critical mental balance to maintain. When out of balance, we become attached to the drama of illusion, and then we have to let go of precious things to fertilize our future. For today’s conversation, the key players from The Lovers remain our primary teachers: the Angel (superconscious), the Woman (conscious), and the Man (subconscious). This time we are taking a journey further down the Tree of Life into the penultimate card of the Major Arcana: Judgement, the 20th Path. And the visual similarities with The Lovers are clear when we compare the cards.

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Judgement is a word that has two main meanings in common speech. The first relates to the process of coming to a judicial verdict in a court of law (the law of Humans). The second has a more negative association when one commits to an opinion of another that is either favorable or unfavorable. This can be associated with the word “deserve” because one must cast judgment in order to decide what outcome is justified for another. The Bible discourages this with the line that has become a memorable cliché,  “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” (Matthew 7:1). By judging others, we are held to a higher standard. These definitions are helpful in our life here in the Physical World, but they come from a perspective limited by physicality.

Fortunately for us, the Major Arcana does not deal directly with the world and life we know. Their domain is the realm of Spirit and spiritual patterns that define this Universe. Judgement, the 20th path of the Kabbalistic Tarot, defines a spiritual experience. It is what I like to call, “The Moment of Truth”. Just as the buzzer or bell at the end of the game lets the players know that it is time to tally the final score, the players in The Lovers reappear in Judgment to let us know that the time of change is at hand!

The Angel, or our higher self and infinite Spirit, is blowing the horn. Texans all know the line from the lyrics of the classic song The Eyes of Texas, “‘Til Gabriel blows his horn.” This comes from 1 Thessalonians 4:16, in the Bible:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first.[/quote]

This is referring to the Biblical Judgement Day, the Apocalypse, the New Paradigm, or the end of the world as we know it. In a sense, this is the same idea as the buzzer at the end of the game of this physical existence. What happens in a game at the final buzzer? The rules of the game no longer are enforced, and the players cease to be players and move into another state of being. The score is tallied and recorded for posterity.

The Woman, representing the feminine principle or the conscious awareness of self, has switched places with her masculine partner and occupies the right side of the card. Her arms are outstretched toward the Man, indicating an awareness of the subconscious. However, she continues to gaze intently at the higher self the angelic form. The Man is now on the left, with arms close to his body signifying an awareness of self. The arms indicate a role reversal for this couple from The Lovers, a reversal of active awareness. Yet, this time the masculine is also looking above to the higher consciousness. This is not The Lovers in enlightened action (6th Path) as we see them up near the Supernals, but The Lovers reversing the flow to assess the final result of their progress, as measured by the higher self.

Between the Man and Woman is a new character, the Child. The youth is centered, with arms outstretched to connect the masculine and feminine and to embrace the truth of the moment. The Child is gazing up at the higher self along with the parents. You could say that the Child is the fruit of their labors, the score at the end of this game. What we create in life becomes our children, especially the legacy that thrives beyond our active involvement. It is by these fruits we measure ourselves at the end of this phase of existence.

These three primary human forms, along with others in the distance, are all emerging from boxes. Some call these coffins and say that the color of their skin is the pale of death. I would pose that these might also be the boxes of illusion that the Man and Woman were tied to in The Devil, the limiting beliefs that held them fast… the rules of the game that no longer apply, and now they rejoice in their freedom to expand into a new existence.

And so it is as Divine energy courses down through the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah from Idea, to Thought and Plan. The 20th Path connects the Splendor of Hod with the Kingdom in Malkuth. This is a grounding of the mental energy of words and definition with the final action of manifestation, creating within the physical realm. To approach action, all of the previous work done throughout the rest of the Tree of Life comes to a close, the score is tallied, and the results are recorded in the material world.

A more practical example: when an industrial designer works, they first begin with a spec., or a defined desire. Something must be designed to fit this specification, and so they pursue this through thought to define what must be created, to explore the boundaries and see what else has been attempted and to what level of success. Once the parameters are more or less known, the planning or design stage begins. Here the plans are drawn up and materials selected and acquired. Then the deadline comes, and the design is ready for production. Here lies the 20th Path of Judgement. All of the labors that went into the design are now put to the test in real-world application. Will the manufacturing process yield the intended result? Will the original spec. be satisfied, and to what degree? We can not know until we stop designing and make a prototype. This act of materializing the mental processes is the realm of Judgement, “The Moment of Truth.”

There comes a time in creation where we must stop preparations and begin to realize our vision in our lives. With the help of The Lovers and Judgement, we can make this move boldly and learn from a material assessment of our progress.

Thank you once again, Lovers, for sharing this very important message with us who seek your wisdom. Thank you for taking the form of Judgement to set us free from the game, propelling us to further progression.

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If you would like to go further with the Kabbalistic Tarot, please consider the BOTA system and “Tarot” by Paul Foster Case.

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Osiris Indriya

An initiated Spiritual Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon through The Modern Mystery School. He works with the universal system of Living Kabbalah to help others cultivate the Tree of Life in their own lives and become powerful creators. Osiris produces events and original music through Blessoteric Records, using this medium to showcase conscious artists and music.

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  1. Ninya says:

    I drew The Lovers followed by Judgement today about a relationship – does this combination mean that the relationship is good, or that things arent good?

    • Osiris Indriya
      Osiris Indriya says:

      There are many ways to read Tarot, and your relationship with your own deck and reading style is what is most important. If I were doing this reading for you, I would read both these cards as being about you personally and what you need to be functioning at your best.

      The Major Arcana (the cards with Roman Numeral numbering) are rarely about anyone or anything but ourselves. The Lovers is a formula for how to accomplish our true purpose and express our highest expression of self by balancing our own inner masculine and feminine while heeding a higher calling from Spirit. Judgement is what I call “The Moment of Truth”. That means that this is an opportunity to assess yourself on how well you are accomplishing what you are here in this life to accomplish. Are you finding JOY? Are your actions and choices helping others do the same? That is the best way to know you are fulfilling a larger mission according to your inner nature.

      In reference to the relationship, this is a time to assess whether this outward reflection is able to give you some insight into what is happening for you on the inside. Are you seeing in them something about your inner self that needs healing or forgiveness? Once we manage our own inner world, and bring ourselves into balance we find that our relationships and experience mirror that inner harmony. Looking outside ourselves brings us to The Devil card where we get attached to illusions of partial information and assumptions. The true work of relationships is always your relationship with yourself.

      I hope you find this helpful, and please feel free to contact me again if you have any more questions.


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