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Spiritual Studies & Metaphysical Classes

The Modern Mystery School (MMS), offers advanced spiritual studies and metaphysical classes on the tools and techniques passed down by oral tradition, from teacher to student, since ancient times. This organization has a documented lineage of over 3,000 years, to King Salomon the Wise.

The Lineage of King Salomon

King Salomon is a central figure from the Book of Kings in the Bible. He was a radical thinker for his day, establishing the first global meeting of spiritual leaders and healers, establishing a universal system of enlightenment for all people regardless of race, gender or belief system. This planted the seeds of the amazing potential we can see around us in the world today. Initiates of this system including Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Jung and David Bowie, have been working in large and small ways, in the public eye and behind the scenes, to ensure that humanity can prosper and achieve world peace.

Global Network of Empowered Individuals

Today, the MMS supports us as we to come together to heal and empower ourselves, our communities, and set forward into self-mastery in this lifetime. Each student is invited to join us on a path of self-discovery and spiritual progression. We do not show you the way, but instead, remind you how to find that way for yourself.

MMS Locations

Local Community of Certified Light Centers

The MMS trains and certifies a worldwide network of independent “Light Centers,” where the lineage takes on new members through initiation. These centers offer a variety of spiritual classes, healing sessions, and activations. The international headquarters is located in Tokyo, where the founder and lineage holder, Gudni Gudnason, resides with his wife Eiko. Toronto is the North American headquarters for the MMS, and is where the region’s Healers, Guides and Ritual Masters receive annual certification and more advanced training.