Rebirth: Thinking Beautifully in a New Cycle of Completion

rebirth, light center, spiritual healers, awakening, empowerment, enlightenment, tradition, astrology, mystery schoolOn the 26th day of July in the year 2011, something new was created in the Seattle neighborhood of the Central District. The 9th House was reborn as the 10th House at 10:10pm, witnessed by more than 50 community members joined in celebration. The featured live musicians were Lulacruza, a two piece band with members from Argentina and Columbia. The themes we shared were “thinking beautifully” as our thoughts become and transform the solid “crystalline” forms around us, and creating a “new cycle of completion”.

The tradition at this address for the past few decades has been to shift the title from one Astrological house to the next. Two owners ago, this house was named the 8th House representing hidden mysteries and transformations. When the next owner took over, it became the 9th House representing philosophy, travel, and awareness of the world. And so today we celebrate the rebirth day of this house once again…

Presenting the 10th House ~ Light Center
Representing the pinnacle of our lives, or the fruition of all that we aspire to become. When a goal is achieved, however, a new quest begins!

~ We think beautifully as a new cycle of completion begins. ~

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