• Life Activation
    90 minute session includes a balancing for the chakras, etheric energy, elements, etc. and the Life Activation, aligning you more with your higher purpose.
  • Full Spirit Activation
    Integrate your mind, soul and spirit, creating a more effective system for living a purposeful life with more clarity and motivation.

Negative Energy Removal

Personal, building and object clearing and exorcism.

  • Personal Clearing
    Remove negative energies from your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Includes a Negative Spell Removal, Emotional Cord Removal and the Purification by Light.
  • Etheric Reconstruction
    Clearing trauma from the etheric body. This modality is used to bring us back to our original nature, restores our full connection with the Divine, and celestial powers.

    Package available: $1100 for three sessions (save $250)

  • Exorcism
    Contact for Pricing
    Feeling like something beyond your control is influencing you? Negative entities can attach to people and objects, and even take control of lives depending on the severity of the affliction.  Symptoms: feeling hopeless, severe depression, living in a fog, loss of control, life is falling apart, relationships are falling apart, and dark thoughts and/or hearing voices suggesting poor decisions or self-harm.

    Contact us for a consultation. There is HOPE!

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