About Blessoterra

The work of the Mystery School Initiate is to “Know Thyself,” which is also called “The Great Work,” and is often symbolized as a mountain climb.

Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching, Mystery School in the Seattle Area

Pictured: Mt. Rainier, a large active volcano in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is World Peace by providing the space and foundation for individuals to discover peace and purpose in their lives.

With over 8000 years of Lineage, the teachings and tools originally provided to us by Hermes Trismegistus (Thrice Great) and King Salomon the Wise (from the Book of Kings), then protected and shared with us by the Modern Mystery School, come to life as time-tested tools that transform spiritual growth into an art and a science of living masterfully.

What is a Mystery School?

The ancient knowledge of the destiny of humanity has been known, protected and passed on for generations in the initiatory lineage traditions of the ancient Mystery Schools.

The Path

Those who have experienced self-awakening, choosing themselves as the primary force of change in their lives and willing to ask the deeper questions about life, are invited to begin the seven progressive initiations within the Path of the Initiate.

  1. Empower Thyself
  2. Healers Academy
  3. Ritual Master 1 (Novice)*
  4. Ritual Master 2 (Apprentice)
  5. Guide*
  6. Ritual Master 3 (Magus Hermeticus)*
  7. Ipsissimus*

* = Must apply and be accepted after successfully completing all prerequisites.

Vitruvian Man Sacred Geometry

To successfully and safely climb the mountain of the Great Work toward self-mastery, we can choose the difficult and slow path of carving our own way, or we can recognize that we are not the first to embark on this journey. We can walk on the footpath carved deep and clear by millions of other initiates through the ages, lit by their good deeds and the lives they have saved from mediocrity. By choosing this path, one becomes a member of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, becoming one of the living members of the beings aligned with Divine Light. Initiates step onto the shoulders of the masters to bring more of our own Light into the physical world through knowing ourselves and fulfilling out unique purpose.

“I never said this Path would be an easy one,
but I have always said that it will be worthwhile.”

– Founder Gudni “Ged” Gudnason, Ipsissimus

Getting Started

The first step on this path is to schedule a Life Activation Session with one of our certified practitioners. This 90-minute session includes a balancing of your energy systems followed by the Life Activation, an ancient ceremonial process to bring more Spiritual Light and energy into your entire being, aligning recipients more with their true purpose, and opening the potential for exceptional progress and growth through service to humanity.