Osiris Indriya discussing how to learn to meditate with the Max Meditation System™

VIDEO: Learn to Meditate with the Max Meditation System™

  This week, Osiris Indriya made a video introducing newcomers to the Max Meditation System™, a weekly drop-in class at the 10th House ~ Light Center designed to help you learn to meditate. Enjoy the show, and find all the content…
The Lego Movie (2014) - Kabbalah

A Kabbalist’s review of the Lego Movie (2014)

  The Lego Movie (2014) The following is one Kabbalist's perspective on the content and characters from the new LEGO Movie (2014), currently available for digital download, Blu Ray, etc. **** WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW **** We begin with…
Arab Spring

Not the Universe we were looking for?

If this resonates with you, please share... Do you feel like this is not the Universe we were looking for? Some of us have lived with the feeling that we have been betrayed. We came here expecting this existence to be AWESOME, life-affirming,…
Empowerment vs. Enabling

Enabling vs. Empowering

Empowering: Providing the time, space, support and/or tools for our brothers and sisters to solve their own challenges, and learn the lessons they have called into their life. Inspiring a lifetime of independent thriving, progressing through life lessons into larger and more rewarding challenges!
Money is Holy

Money: A Measure of Energy and Change

To be financially abundant, our income needs to be uncoupled from the steady march of time ($$/hr. $$/yr), and reconnected to the value we are creating from our efforts. This needs to be a value that we assign to our labors, and we enroll others in through the fruits of what we are able create.
Osiris Indriya - I, Aeternal CD

“I, Aeternal” – New Music by Osiris Indriya

Osiris Indriya has just released his second full-length album and his first on Tokyo-based label Fusion For Peace Productions (Wakyo). Listen to it here: osirisindriya.com Osiris continues his multi-genre exploration of the inner worlds and…
Silence of Knowing

The Silence of Knowing

The silence of knowing invites that which can not be known to reveal itself as the forgotten. Hand in space, the dance can not stop when the world is spinning whole yet becoming. And so we keep moving, keep bringing those who have chosen to…
Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone

Throughout my years of striving to reach toward mastery in this life, there is a single recurring symbol that comes to me during times of significant decision. Typically, it returns through the regular occurrences of life like an old friend;…

The Crowd in the Cloud vs. The Whom in the Room

Social media has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, spilling outside of the sandboxes of individual websites and into nearly every source of news, commerce, searches and even the physical devices we use to access information. We are…

Calling All Spiritual Healers!

This call isn't coming from us to you. This call is one that you have already felt inside. You have heard this call since an early age and you have already accomplished a lot as a healer for your family, your friends, and beyond. Yet, you know…


Balance is the key to the universe.  Its not about eliminating all of anything because that would tip the scales off into imbalance.  It is the push and pull of this dynamic that keeps the momentum of forward motion.  This applies to all…
Arab Spring

Tradition in the Face of Change

It is common these days to witness people engaged in a conversation about how we are seeing more drastic change and severe upheaval in the world today than we have at any other point in human history. It can be clearly demonstrated that humanity…