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Servant of Light

All the masters of light have also been referred to as servants of light. Through true service, one can know oneself fully. Once we know ourselves fully, Enlightenment is attained.   The idea of service has been demoted and degraded to a point where we are programmed to want anything else but to serve, creating […]

Cognitive Dissonance on the Path of Progression

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein As this week unfolded for me, the concept of “Cognitive Dissonance” kept popping up while I explored why or where we stop our growth in our lives. […]

An Eternal Being on a Mission

“It is in your own hearts, in the depths of your own being, in the profoundest depths of your own existence, that you must seek if you would know and find the God, knowledge of Whom is Eternal Life…  If you once catch a glimpse of the Eternal within you, then the Eternal around you […]

How to Choose in the Era of Information Chaos

What’s in your mind? This pandemic has been isolating. In this self-reflecting “box” we had an opportunity to look at ourselves in ways we didn’t have the time or luxury to prior. Suddenly, we had nothing but time. Some turned to self-discovery, physical exercise, alcohol or other substances, or the internet. We started to operate […]

Hello darkness my old “friend”…

Living in the world of distractions, we are faced day to day with decisions: What are the factors we use to decide what we actually do in life? How much of what we do are conscious choices? How much of it is acting out the patterns from the past that we have engraved into the […]

Soul Connection

  Soul. What is it? What is the big fuss? Without it, we are just bio-organic collections of elements, all functioning at the rate of survival. It’s us or them. It’s our animal nature. But I keep coming back to the soul… that deep inner knowing that there is more to this physicality than meets […]


Balance is the key to the universe.  Its not about eliminating all of anything because that would tip the scales off into imbalance.  It is the push and pull of this dynamic that keeps the momentum of forward motion.  This applies to all things.  The true nature of the Yin Yang.  I am here to […]