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The Freedom Factor

Freedom. A word I often hear invoked with a sense of honor and reverence, sometimes with tribalism and entitlement. I hear it discussed as a binary like a switch that is on or off, as if one can be free or not free. Some call the west the “free world” as if we owned freedom… […]

VIDEO: Learn to Meditate with the Max Meditation System™

  This week, Osiris Indriya made a video introducing newcomers to the Max Meditation System™, a weekly drop-in class at the 10th House ~ Light Center designed to help you learn to meditate. Enjoy the show, and find all the content transcribed below. TRANSCRIPT (with minor edits): Introducing… MAX MEDIATION SYSTEM™ Look within… FIND INNER PEACE. […]

Not the Universe we were looking for?

If this resonates with you, please share… Do you feel like this is not the Universe we were looking for? Some of us have lived with the feeling that we have been betrayed. We came here expecting this existence to be AWESOME, life-affirming, abundant and filled with potential. We knew we had a unique and […]

Calling All Spiritual Healers!

This call isn’t coming from us to you. This call is one that you have already felt inside. You have heard this call since an early age and you have already accomplished a lot as a healer for your family, your friends, and beyond. Yet, you know that there is more you could be doing, […]