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The Freedom Factor

Freedom. A word I often hear invoked with a sense of honor and reverence, sometimes with tribalism and entitlement. I hear it discussed as a binary like a switch that is on or off, as if one can be free or not free. Some call the west the “free world” as if we owned freedom… […]

Moving Into the Center

In the past, I would stand against the wall, on the fringe, watching those in the middle having more fun and greater influence over everything that was happening. I stood at a distance, wishing I was standing in the middle so everyone could finally see how awesome I was. A few times, I pushed my […]

10 Best Albums of Music for Meditation

Meditation music is an interesting concept because the goal of meditation is often to empty the mind of thoughts (or at least detach ourselves from them)…

Psychedelics: Allies or Enemies?

I have been contemplating and collecting experience on this subject for over 20 years, engaging in this conversation with friends and clients as they pursue progress toward their own healing. It is not an easy conversation, but it is necessary if we are going to remake this world in the vision of peace and abundance. […]

The Lovers Unveiled (part 3): Judgement

How harnessing the ‘moment of truth’ will set us free. Now it is time to conclude our story. But before we do, make sure you are familiar with what came before to get the most from what comes next: >> First read part 1 << >> Then read part 2 << The Journey So Far… We have […]

The Lovers Unveiled (part 2): The Devil, Death and Temperance

When the formula for human consciousness falls apart. If you haven’t read Part 1… >> Read This First << Good. I hope that you found something of value in the formula The Lovers has shared with us. Are you ready for more? The Lovers… Again When last we consulted with The Lovers, we learned that the […]

The Lovers Unveiled (part 1)

It’s not about relationships and sex. It’s a map of human consciousness. We could Foolishly start at the beginning of the Tarot. Nah, let’s skip ahead to my favorite card of the Kabbalistic Tarot, The Lovers. The Kabbalistic Tarot Not all Tarot Decks are equal. Some are Kabbalistic, and are derived from the Golden Dawn […]

We Are Light

I used to think I was gray, and that by being gray I could see the Dark and the Light with a neutral perspective. Then I realized that there is no gray; there is no neutral. That was a lie I accepted from the world outside and then told myself to squeeze my infinite awesome […]


Vulnerable. A word spiritually minded people like to use to describe what I would call being real. But why is being real vulnerable? Why would being true expose me to harm? Wouldn’t the opposite be true? I am most vulnerable when being false. Lies can be detected, and the house of cards built from lies […]

7 Concepts From Living Kabbalah That Can Redirect Your Abundance

This message is for you …if you feel that you could have a better handle on abundance in your life, in its many forms. If you have a huge vision but lack the time, money, energy or resources to make it happen, please read on. You are invited to get a taste of this Mystery […]

Prayer in the Center

I am in the center. The center is where I am. And from the center I draw lines of connection, lines of love, to all the things I am aware of. Then I make a choice. Rather than retracing the lines I have already traced, I reach within to the source of Love and Light. […]

10 Concepts in Living Kabbalah that Help You Build Healthier Relationships

This message is for you …if you are seeking new ways to find and experience healthier relationships that include more harmony, mutual support and respect, and contribute the fulfillment of a higher purpose. You are invited to get a taste of this Mystery School system for living an exceptional life. Learn more about this complete […]