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Choosing a Spiritual Path

Choose Your Own Spiritual Adventure No one needs special training to have a spiritual experience of life. We can go our own way and blaze our own trail through the wilderness of experience. In fact, this is the only way many important lessons can be learned. Where training makes a difference is when we want […]

Center of Eternity

Do we have a center of eternity? Or something else? What do we place in our center… the very core of our being? What is at this heart of hearts that we defend as if our life depends on it? The truth is, when we occupy our own center with our true essence, there is […]

Attachment or Preference?

Is it attachment or preference? Identification is the difference between a preference and an attachment. If I identify myself by any tendency to repeat past choices, then I am like a hermit crab wearing a shell discarded by the past; I wear my attachments, announcing them as the “real” me as I enter the room. […]

Western Mysticism: A Spiritual Science

Western Mysticism has more in common with modern science than it does with religion. In fact, much of modern science was influenced and developed by initiated mystics like Sir Isaac Newton. Mysticism is an individual pursuit of the deeper truths that are hidden from each of us, shrouded in mystery or obscured by our modern […]

When Stepping Back is Moving Forward

Most of us live a compromised life, though it feels fine because we don’t remember it being any other way. When we choose ourselves and we step on a path of growth and inner transformation, we open up to moving forward and gain momentum in a journey toward wholeness. Many of us find that we […]

The Power of Attention

  I hear people talk about the power of intention. Honestly, I am far more in awe of the intense power of ATTENTION. What we focus on is what we are creating in this moment. Intention is important for knowing why we aim our efforts, but the action of realization and manifestation is fueled by […]

VIDEO: Sacred Geometry, Mysticism… and Donald Duck?

We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject.” – Walt Disney [ Wikipedia ] This 1959 Disney production covers: Pythagoras and music The pentagram, the golden section, and the golden rectangle Architecture and art The human body and nature Games Mental exercises Infinity and […]

VIDEO: Why is tradition so important?

  In our modern world, it is easy to get overwhelmed just trying to keep up with everything new. Osiris Indriya has made a video to discuss the value of tradition in the modern world, and why we should continue to look into the past for “treasure”. Enjoy the show, and find all the content transcribed below. TRANSCRIPT (with minor […]

There has to be more than this…

  “There has to be more than this,” says the seeker as s/he finds the edge of the world defined by others. There is! There is! But we must become more of ourselves to experience it. We can seek ourselves out there in the world, shouting and waiting for the echo, searching only to find reflections […]

A Kabbalist’s review of the Lego Movie (2014)

  The Lego Movie (2014) The following is one Kabbalist’s perspective on the content and characters from the new LEGO Movie (2014), currently available for digital download, Blu Ray, etc. **** WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW **** We begin with the main character living as a normal guy, in fact so normal he is unremarkable. [ Unconscious… in […]

Enabling vs. Empowering

Empowering: Providing the time, space, support and/or tools for our brothers and sisters to solve their own challenges, and learn the lessons they have called into their life. Inspiring a lifetime of independent thriving, progressing through life lessons into larger and more rewarding challenges!

Money: A Measure of Energy and Change

To be financially abundant, our income needs to be uncoupled from the steady march of time ($$/hr. $$/yr), and reconnected to the value we are creating from our efforts. This needs to be a value that we assign to our labors, and we enroll others in through the fruits of what we are able create.