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Kabbalah Retreat near Seattle, Wa - Mystery School Kabbalah

The path toward wisdom begins with the accumulation of knowledge. Today, the most common method for seeking knowledge is searching the Internet. But how do we discern if what we find is true or false? How do we know what will work for us? And how do we know what is safe to try and what isn’t? This is precisely why our tradition has handed down the wisdom of the ages from person-to-person through a process called oral tradition. Each new seeker is paired with a certified Guide who has been trained to transmit the knowledge and tools with the energy and authority to maximize their effectiveness. This oral tradition process has remained unbroken for thousands of years, and now you can experience it by choosing one of the following classes or events.

Getting Started

Intro classes for the Modern Mystery School

Introductory Classes

Discover the Wisdom of the Ages

We understand that the Path of the Initiate is a significant commitment. We provide opportunities to get a taste of the kinds of knowledge and tools we provide in the form of introductory evenings and workshops. We offer low-cost intro classes on a variety of topics including:

  • Ensofic Ray Group Healings
  • Max Meditation System™
  • Accessing Your Abundance
  • Improving Relationships
  • Managing Stress
  • Practical Kabbalah
  • Esoteric Symbolism of Tarot
  • Understanding Influence
  • and more!
Community Events - Mystery School Pacific NW

Community Ceremonies & Social Gatherings

Magick, Movies, Music & Fun

Blessoterra is just one location in a growing network of Modern Mystery School centers in the Pacific Northwest. Together, we call ourselves Modern Mystery School – Pacific Northwest. Our extended community comes together for special events on a regular basis in the Puget Sound area. These events are a great way meet other initiates and lightworkers as we create real magick or enjoy each other’s company in the context of promoting progress on each individual’s spiritual journey. We can group these community events into two major categories: Lineage Ceremonies (aka public rituals and meditations from our oral tradition) and Social Gatherings.

Lineage Ceremonies:

  • Ancient Egyptian Ceremonies
  • Wiccan Ceremonies (Welsh Lineage)
  • Esofic Ray Healing Ceremonies

Social Gatherings:

  • Lightworker Movie Nights
  • Sanctum Dance: Sober Dance Parties

Advanced Spiritual Training

Lightworker Training Program

The Path of the Mystery School Initiate

All mystery school classes offered at Blessoterra are part of our Lightworker Training Program, which follows the path of the progression in the Modern Mystery School. This program begins with ancient and proven tools for self-mastery so we can progress toward greater service to humanity. Also called “The Path of the Initiate,” this program starts with the Life Activation Session followed by the Empower Thyself Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. We then offer students all the prerequisite classes to receive the second step initiation at Healers Academy, where students learn the art and science of performing the Life Activation as a part of your own independent Spiritual Business.

Living Kabbalah Mystery School Ascension

Living Kabbalah Ascension Program

Experience the Fruits of the Tree of Life

The Living Kabbalah Ascension Program (aka Universal Kabbalah) is an experiential process for gaining a profound understanding of self in relation to the powers of the Universe. Together we uncover the birthright of humanity and begin to live as eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience. This 10-month journey brings the ancient tradition of Mystery School Kabbalah and the Tree of Life into a practical and accessible form through a process called Ascension. If you are ready for real and lasting change, for a stronger connection to the intangible and infinite energy of Spirit, then join us on this enlightening journey!

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