Introductory Classes

The first step toward
Wisdom is Knowledge.

Introductory Classes at Blessoterra - Mystery School in Bothell, WA

You can virtually find anything you are looking for on the Internet today. We are drowning in information, and yet so many people are still looking for something more. They are hungry for the spark of something true to ignite their hearts and propel them toward a purpose.

How can we tell that is true and what isn’t?

First, let’s establish that the best source of relevant truth for anyone is themselves. This is why the ancient Mystery Schools do not refer to instructors as teachers, but instead call them reminders. What our lineage tools and systems do is help eliminate the illusions and distractions to uncover the truth that lies within each of us.

But what if I do not believe?

Great! The ideal state of mind for pursuing inner-knowledge is what we call being a participating skeptic. This means that we hold open the possibility that something is true, but we put it to the test. If a tool requires your belief for it to work, then the real tool is the belief. And we can see in the world both the amazing (enlightened) and the destructive (fanatic) power of belief. However, if a tool works when you do not believe, then you have a tool that works just as a tool. And when you experience this tool working, it gets fueled by more than mere belief, it gets a boost of understanding coming from real experience.

How do I know if this is right for me?

The best way to know if this path is a good fit for you is to try it out. By gaining personal experience, and experimenting with some of the essential concepts, you can start to see your own life transforming and make a more informed decision about what is your best next step. We offer a variety of low-cost introductory classes to help you decide.

Introductory Classes: