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Lightworker Training Program - Blessoterra Mystery School

It is a rare person who wakes up to their true potential and makes the choice to serve humanity. By knowing ourselves and connecting to our higher calling, we become true Lightworkers. We shine the Light of our higher self, expressing this pure essence to others, inspiring them to shine as well.

Many Roads Lead to the Divine

There are many pathways on the planet today to clarify the self and move into our personal mission. Most involve removing oneself from the world through the entering a priesthood or another sequestered order, often climbing into the mountains to live in poverty and pursue spiritual activities to achieve enlightenment. These methods can work, however, they can take us away from the dark places in the world where people need our inner light the most.

Bringing Light to Dark Places

The Modern Mystery School and the Lineage of King Salomon are an alternative pathway built on the principle that we can reach enlightenment while remaining in the cities and towns where the people are. We can live in the world without being of the world. And here, among the people, there is so much work to be done!

The Path of the Initiate

Our Lightworker Training Program is certified by the Modern Mystery School. It is what we call a progressive path, meaning that it is a process that involves steps and stages that happen in sequence. King Salomon established that process 3,000 years ago with the help of thousands of healers, shamans, and medicine people of tribes from around the world. It was their goal to find a single process that would work for all humans on the planet by reminding us who we really are… an eternal spiritual being having a physical experience.

Our progressive process is called The Path of the Initiate, and it looks like this:

  • Life Activation

    Personal Empowerment: A 1.5-hour private session to align you with your higher purpose.

  • Adept Initiation

    Empower Thyself: A 2-day class filled with ancient tools for mastering the self.

  • Additional Learning

    Core Curriculum: Essential tools for serving your higher purpose, and prerequisites for the second initiation at Healers Academy.

  • Healers Academy

    2nd Step Initiation: Travel to the Modern Mystery School headquarters to be trained in the art and science of the Life Activation to expand your ability to serve others as a Lightworker.

Healers Academy Prep

This is the core curriculum of our Lightworker Training Program. Healers Academy is where participants receive their 2nd step initiation and their Life Activation Wand to begin aligning others with their unique gifts and purpose. This powerful tool comes from the work King Salomon did 3,000 years ago and works universally on all humans.

Healers Academy currently happens twice a year at The Modern Mystery School international headquarters in Toronto, ON. But before one can attend this program, you must complete the following prerequisites (all available here at Blessoterra).

  1. Life Activation Session
    1.5-hour session
  2. Empower Thyself Initiation
    2-day class
  3. Sacred Geometry I
    4-hour class
  4. Astral Travel
    4-hour class
  5. Journeys of the Spirit
    1-day class
  6. 12 Races of Earth
    4-hour class

Also recommended (not required) before Healers Academy:

  • Full Spirit Activation

Related Classes:

Advanced Studies


As we each pursue our own unique purpose and mission, more advanced tools may be desired. We offer further educational opportunities in a variety of subjects including Sacred Geometry, Elemental Magicks, Astral Travel and more.

Advanced Classes: