10 Concepts in Living Kabbalah that Help You Build Healthier Relationships

Using Kabbalah to Improve Relationships

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…if you are seeking new ways to find and experience healthier relationships that include more harmony, mutual support and respect, and contribute the fulfillment of a higher purpose. You are invited to get a taste of this Mystery School system for living an exceptional life.

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Wandering in the Darkness

For many years I lived the stories of promising relationships gone bad, seeing the supreme high of connection overcome with the shadows of bitterness or indifference. The sweet relationship sours. Then comes the chore of disentangling the knots of choice and emotion; a chore I did not have the skills or experience to complete. First I looked toward my now former companion to place the blame, wishing, “If only they could see themselves the way I see them. If only they had listened to me.” Later I would turn to myself and say, “I am just not (ready/good enough/in the right place/capable/deserving) of a relationship like this.” Eventually, I opted for a more diluted assignment of responsibility, saying, “We just grew apart. It was never meant to be.” All of these statements were just stories I told myself to pack my pain in a box and hide it away so I could, in time, rediscover the courage to try again.

Thriving in the Light

This all changed when I began to study the Living Kabbalah in the Western Mystery School tradition in 2004. It was in this 10-month program focused on experiencing the Tree of Life that I began to understand why I was repeating these cycles with greater and greater sophistication. I saw myself transforming. And as I changed, so my relationships changed. Some people were inspired by my rapid progress and were excited to shift with me into new ways of relating. Others decided to move on, making room for the amazing new connections I had become ready to invite into my life.

And the best thing about this process, is that it is repeatable. It isn’t by chance that I had made my changes for the better. This Mystery School system for enlightenment has been passed down through thousands of years as an oral tradition. It has been tested and refined through the ages, with generations and generations of those who had tasted the sweet fruits of this path.

After tasting my fruits from the Tree of Life, I knew that it was a critical part of my mission in this life to share these tools with others, and so I began a years-long and rigorous training process to become a Kabbalah Instructor, Certified by the Modern Mystery School. This organization has a documented direct lineage from King Salomon and beyond, and currently operates in over 40 countries world-wide on its mission to create World Peace through sharing the secret teachings of the ages with those who are ready to learn, grow and change themselves.

10 Kabbalistic Concepts for Healthier Relationships:

The Living Kabbalah help me by providing a deep understanding and personal experience of the following countdown of concepts.

10. To truly know another person, I must first know myself.
9. I can reveal the hidden parts of me and I can heal myself.
8. My mind can be organized and clarified with simple everyday actions.
7. True emotions come from and are experienced in this moment.
6. Beauty is found in the balancing of opposites, and in caring for my inner child.
5. Healthy relationships require boundaries and discipline.
4. Love is not an emotion, but a universal energy that connects.
3. Every human has a unique balance of masculine and feminine energy.
2. I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.
1. I am the one who is responsible for everything I am experiencing in my life.

I could easily write a complete volume on each of these statements, but that would only tell you my story. To truly turn this knowledge into understanding, you must experience each of these for yourself and in your own way. And I am offering you an opportunity to decide if you are ready to do just that!

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