7 Concepts From Living Kabbalah That Can Redirect Your Abundance

Standing in the river of abundance.

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What is abundance?

When I ask my students this question, I hear two main answers. The first usually includes the “good” things in life: friends, family, opportunity, love, food, etc. The second is cash… lots and lots of cash. All of this is good, but money is one of the most powerful forms of abundance because it can attract and be converted into many other forms of abundance. And for those of us who have a big purpose to accomplish in this life, in most cases that will require having access to a lot of money. Regardless of the kind of abundance we want to focus on, we can view it through the same lens.

Let’s start with the dictionary for definitions of abundance for cultural reference:
Dictionary Definition 1 – “The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something.
Dictionary Definition 2 – “Plentifulness of the good things of life.

Overflowing Cup - Kabbalah and Abundance

Having an “overflowing cup” is the Kabbalistic definition of service. To fulfill a higher purpose, we first must serve ourselves so we have enough to share with others.

Both of these make me think of having more than enough. A word I often hear as an aspirational goal is “sustainability.” But that word is about having exactly enough. Abundance is like having a cup that overflows; it is having more than you can hold so you have the opportunity to direct the overflow. This leads me to the definition of abundance I would like to propose for this conversation.

My Kabbalistic Definition – “One’s ability to release all things because anything that is needed can be produced in the moment.

This is a higher level perspective of abundance, where you have literally designed a life for yourself where you need nothing, and have no attachments because you can literally produce more of anything you need in any moment. Let that idea sink in for a moment and consider what that might look like. Is it even possible? My experience tells me yes.

The Flow of Abundance

Imagine with me that Abundance is a river. Our relationship with this river can determine how much influence we have over the abundance in our life. And once we understand this relationship, take responsibility for creating it, we can change it!

No one keeps abundance far away from us. Perhaps we believed someone else when they told us we didn’t deserve it, or that it wasn’t within reach. Ultimately it is our choice to maintain the distance, and once we are here, we even defend this distance with our lives.

1] Some of us view the current of abundance from a distance.
We have very sophisticated reasons why this flow is so far away, and we judge those who are closer to it than we are. We blame others for our distance. We even tell ourselves that this flow is bad, or that it would be bad for us, to justify staying far away from it. We say things like, “Money is the root of all evil.” This can be called Poverty Consciousness.


When TIME = MONEY, our ability to work with abundance is limited by something we can not change… time. There is a cap on our potential dictated by an outside force. This is akin to slavery, where our access to abundance is divorced from the real value we are capable of generating and is instead attached to time.

2] Some of us stand at the edge, hoping to catch a little bit for ourselves. We acquire a specialized way of pulling from this river. We are only able to pull in what our technique can catch, and only as fast as our tools can work. We say things like, “Time equals money.” This can be called Earner Consciousness or Worker Consciousness… the idea that if I work hard and fit in that I will make it.

Rushing River

Standing in the flow is not easy. It has a momentum, and we can get swept away. So we need to learn quickly how to stand stable in this flow or learn how to go with it and navigate the currents by shaping ourselves into a vessel for navigating and/or containing this flow.

3] Some of us jump in and stand in the center of this flow. We go straight to where the abundance is and we exist in and around it. However, being in it does not mean we have the ability to direct it to our desires. So we learn by proximity and find others who have learned to direct abundance. And those we find likely learned what they know from someone else.

Standing in the river of abundance.

The truth is that abundance is everywhere, and the belief in scarcity and separation is what prevents us from having more access to what is there.

4] Once in the river, we can try to catch and to hold the flow. But the nature of abundance is to flow and trying to hold it often leads to problems like greed, hoarding, entitlement… all forms of attachment. As much as we try to hold on to abundance, it ceases to be abundance and becomes a weight that holds us down. So the trick is to find a way to keep abundance flowing while having this flow work for us.


Rather than stop the flow, some tools convert the flow of abundance into energy that we can directly apply to accomplish our desires. These tools need maintenance to continue to serve us.

5] We can create a powerful system to put the flow to work for us. We can spend the time, money and energy to invent something new, spending a lifetime to get results. Or we can plug into systems that already exist, standing on the shoulders of those that have succeeded in the past. Both methods are valid and valuable. Your choice depends on your purpose. Which path leads to the accomplishment of what you are here to do.

Living Kabbalah and Abundance / Money

Imagine if instead of one cup overflowing, you had one cup that overflows into another cup, which overflows into another and another… allowing you to accomplish miracles.

6] Once we have created one successful method, we can create more, dramatically increasing our influence over the flow of abundance around us. We don’t need to be limited to working in one way. Specialization is a based on the lie of limitation and separation. We are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings with the ability to imagine and manifest. Not only can we replicate our successes for ourselves, but we can help others do the same.

Kingdom castle

Kabbalah calls each of us a Dethroned Sovereign who has lost our crown. We wander through our kingdom, our nobility forgotten, hesitating and waiting to be told what to do next.

7] All this is possible because we are all created with the ability to wield abundance. We are not physical beings having a physical experience. We are eternal spiritual beings e a limited physical experience. We are here on vacation, and we have this rental vehicle of a physical body to get around in this existence of matter. And when we awaken to this truth, then the limitations of the physical world loosen their grip, and we become who we were always meant to be.

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