An Eternal Being on a Mission

“It is in your own hearts, in the depths of your own being, in the profoundest depths of your own existence, that you must seek if you would know and find the God, knowledge of Whom is Eternal Life…  If you once catch a glimpse of the Eternal within you, then the Eternal around you will shine out clearly before your eyes. And think what that means of strength and of splendour to every one of you who has found out by direct knowledge that God is hiding within you.”

-The Garment of God from the Writings of Annie Besant

In the tradition of the Modern Mystery School, we say “as within so without”. Even with a seemingly simple statement, there are so many ways we can look at it.  One way that I would like to explore is the concept that everything around you is a direct reflection of you. This allows for us to truly take ownership of our actions, emotions, mind, and ultimately our life. On the flip side of this, all that we are accusing or persecuting of others is, in turn, a direct reflection of a neglected internal world. When we are too busy externalizing our inner world instead of looking within to see what we have long overlooked, hid, or ran away from, it is a form of self-neglect.

What would our life look and feel like if we took responsibility as a god within?

God is Eternal. Let that sink in…and wash over you like a cool breeze, filled with the scent of passionflower on a hot summer afternoon. If we can externalize our true Eternal self as a God (not the God) we can then start finding a pattern we can work with to really live in joy, love, peace, and success. Yes, God has to be all these, as an eternal being, in its essence, must have all these qualities and more.

God has a Vision through true Purpose and Mission. God is a creator of their reality and in order to create your reality and like the outcome, the Mission and Vision will be your guiding star to measure all your efforts towards. By this method, each moment can be a form of self-assessment. Our Mission should be so great that it overrides all mundane issues of our lives. This is beyond a career, house, money, and relationships. We can still have all of those things if that is part of your Mission here as we do have this thing called a physical body. We are here to learn, grow and experience. Joy is the measure of alignment to our Mission.

Mission Supported by Tradition

Before I started my studies with the Modern Mystery School, I was a lost, depressed soul, seeking more beyond the mediocrity I saw in the world. In the Modern Mystery School, they reminded me that I am an Eternal being and that I have a true purpose and Mission. Now, as a true Mystery School order, they would not tell me what my purpose and Mission was but I had to look within and that all the answers were within me. 15 years later, I am surrounded by beautiful eternal beings with Mission and Purpose who live in JOY and from that foundation are seeing miracles in their lives with real experience. How did this happen? Perhaps, I am reflecting within so without? Is the beauty that I am seeing with my friends, family, husband, son, also mirrored internally? However, any direction and angle that I look at to examine how this transpired, the only conclusion that I can come up with is that tools and the teachings of the Modern Mystery School and its Founder Gudni Gudnason has given me the power to radically transform my life beyond my dreams of dreams. I am a living testament to the work. May we all be able to live in peace, love, beauty, and joy.

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