Attachment or Preference?

Is it attachment or preference? Identification is the difference between a preference and an attachment. If I identify myself by any tendency to repeat past choices, then I am like a hermit crab wearing a shell discarded by the past; I wear my attachments, announcing them as the “real” me as I enter the room. “My favorite color is _____.” “The only good music is _____.” Modern culture encourages us to identify as our attachments in order to attract like-minded individuals, which further entrenches us in our differences rather than celebrating them. We fill out profiles with our favorite movies, TV shows, sports teams, music, etc. And in the end, none of this defines who we truly are. It is our decision to identify as these preferences that brings the past into the present and establishes them as attachments. And once we define ourselves in this way to others, we become accountable to them to maintain this facade… this illusion… this charade. And then we feel the stress in years to come of maintaining this display of self even as our spirit pushes us to evolve.

Each preference we felt yesterday was true yesterday in yesterday’s circumstances. Rather than add them to the masks I wear into my future, I can choose to stay in the present. Today I get to shrug off that shell and experience everything as if for the first time, and redesign my preferences to suit myself in the new present I am creating. Then the me that I display becomes the truer me… an eternal being constantly evolving to become a better version of by best and highest self.

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