Calling All Spiritual Healers!

spiritual healers, reiki, energy work, healing art, crystals, indigos, sacred geometry, astral travel, meditationThis call isn’t coming from us to you. This call is one that you have already felt inside. You have heard this call since an early age and you have already accomplished a lot as a healer for your family, your friends, and beyond. Yet, you know that there is more you could be doing, and you have not quite found the community of support you would like to help expand your healing practice into a full-time profession and engage with a community of spiritual healers with similar goals.

You are not alone. This dream is possible, and there is a system set up to get you there. This system is called the Healer Certification by The Modern Mystery School.

This is a list of the opportunities within The Modern Mystery School to get the best information, experience, and community support for your healing practice:

  1. Life Activation
  2. Empower Thyself Class & Initiation
  3. Prerequisite Classes
    • Sacred Geometry I
    • Astral Travel
    • Journeys of the Spirit
    • 12 Races of Earth
  4. Healers Academy I
  5. Healers Academy II (Certified Healer)
  6. Healers Academy III (Master Healer Certification)
  7. King Salomon Healing Modalities

More information:

Chiyona and I at the 10th House would like to support you in taking the first steps on this path, and to give you a taste of what will come should you continue. Please contact us if you would like to ask us any questions or would like to reserve your place in any upcoming offering on this list. You can also check our Upcoming Events to see what is  already on the schedule.

Call us now at (206) 538-0070, or send us an email using the form below:

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Let more energy and light flow into the world through your hands!

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