Choosing a Spiritual Path

Choose Your Own Spiritual Adventure

No one needs special training to have a spiritual experience of life. We can go our own way and blaze our own trail through the wilderness of experience. In fact, this is the only way many important lessons can be learned. Where training makes a difference is when we want to interpret and understand what we discover.

In isolation, we lack a vocabulary to interpret our discoveries. We lump various experiences into one monolithic mystery phenomenon. We call it “Universe” or “Spirit” or “God” or “Higher Self”. None of this is wrong, it is just imprecise. It works if what you are looking for is a simple understanding of spirit.

Advanced spiritual training gives us a nuanced vocabulary and various “tool boxes” we can use to observe a wider spectrum of specific phenomena, interpret it, and make use of these to create progression toward a purpose. To be trained, we first find someone we respect who has demonstrated success on a spiritual path. We ask to follow in their footsteps, and then we receive tools to understand what we find along the way. The result is a more sophisticated and multidimensional understanding of self and other, physical and spiritual phenomena. We use this vocabulary of experience to make practical use of our findings, and we have a community of others working with similar toolset where we can share and discuss our findings… And celebrate our successes and learning!

There is no right way to do it… Just a right way for each individual. And we know we are on the right path, however we do it, because we are getting somewhere! We are living a fulfilling life and the evidence is everywhere and in everything we touch. By our fruits we will know.

So if you find yourself at the crossroads of going it alone or seeking training, consider the quality of experience you would like to have. And whatever you choose on your spiritual path, may it bear the most delicious fruit of fulfillment!

[ BONUS TIP: Even when we receive training, we are still going it alone! Meaning, we still need to seek and define truth for ourselves, because no one has the answers we are seeking, but others may have better tools to help us discover and make use of our own truth. ]

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