Cognitive Dissonance on the Path of Progression

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein

As this week unfolded for me, the concept of “Cognitive Dissonance” kept popping up while I explored why or where we stop our growth in our lives. I see that most people want to have a better life, more peace, more joy, and fulfillment because these things are the opposite of the suffering that we perceive and experience. This sounds like something we would all want to achieve. However, what I observe around me is that these opposing beliefs cannot exist side by side. They cancel each other out, and eventually one will win over the other. Let’s look at the above quote for example. Living life as nothing is a miracle and the other is living life as though everything is a miracle.  These two ways to live your life cancel each other out, yet we want to live life as both existed. What kind of results would this cognitive dissonance cause in our life? Does it show in the fruits or results in your life? Yes, you can see it by feeling stuck, feeling like you are not getting anywhere, apathy is present, low energy, and hopelessness.

I have lived a life where “nothing is a miracle” when I chose Atheism after leaving Christianity between the age of 17-22 years old between 1995-2000. Going from severe depression and not finding that connection to God in the Church, I left and decided that I needed to experiment with my spirituality hands-on by living a life with the absence of God which I saw at that time was the inverse of the religion.  I decided to live a life of no miracles and that this body was all that is. I chose to descent into a life absent of God and light. In my 5 year journey of living this godless path, it was hard work to disregard miracles as they were and to explain all things away with logic. This is also when my psychic awareness was becoming ever so persistent. I would hear people’s thoughts before they spoke them out loud. I saw and felt premonitions that came true.  The more I tried to say all of these things were not happening, the more dramatic my life became. My Atheist friends and I included resorted to drugs to pass the time on this planet we saw going down the proverbial toilet. This life was all there is and nothing more was our nihilistic viewpoint. I was more depressed than ever and I saw my friends descend into madness. Mental institutions, Schizophrenia, Psychosis, attempted suicides and actual suicides, depression, hopelessness, and complete breakdown of life were what I saw in this version of life. Sounds fun huh?

Nothing stands still.

On Earth, things either grow or decompose, the cycle of life and death. In this example, we are the same. We evolve or we slide back into mediocrity. Miracles are supernatural and mediocrity is logical. Being logical painted me into a corner that is hard to climb out of and is full of contradictions.  I see many people arguing using logic and its results are anger, self-righteousness, opinions, and judgments. I have never seen logic lead to peace, harmony, and joy. By these fruits, I measure the method by which I live. I cannot live a miraculous life and also live logically. If this concept challenges you, then I have presented before you an experience of Cognitive Dissonance. Another way to look at it is, to live a miraculous life, are you willing to let go of the need to have a logical explanation for everything? What if a thing just is? Perhaps this need to have everything fit into a neat little box goes directly against having a multi-dimensional life? I find that if people have a concept that doesn’t fit into any previous concepts they have categorized and labeled before, they tend to try to fit that new concept into a previous category that they have deemed correct. When in fact they are shoving a star-shaped peg into a square hole.  Ultimately this is not a good fit and can create havoc in their minds and their life. Something will have to give. You will either choose to slip back into mediocrity or propel forward into a life of miracles.

It took me 5 long years to come to my conclusion with my experiment of Atheism and the answer was no thanks, HARD PASS.  Miraculously, I had, what I call, a spiritual intervention that launched me out of the depths of Hell that I was living.  I had received a connection to some being or beings that could not fit inside the mold of Atheism. Beings that were not of this Earth. I could no longer explain away with logic what I had experienced.  These multi-dimensional beings are eternal and the lesson I was to learn was that I am god. Soon as this realization occurred, my life began to transform quickly and in ways that  I could not explain other than being miracles. Even though I saw these outcomes in my life, I was still triggered by the concept of God from Christianity.  This cognitive dissonance manifested in my life by making progress in my life and then sliding back a few steps or stagnate. My life was canceling itself out.

Fast forward…

In 2006, at age 28, I miraculously found the door, shown to me by Osiris Indriya, with the Life Activation and the path, completely illuminated, by Dr. Divina Theresa Bullard who initiated me in the Empower Thyself Class from the ancient holy lineage of the Modern Mystery School. Laid before me was everything that I have been seeking and all the spiritual experiences I had gathered had explanations and started to fit in the grand picture. Here, the teachings of “I am god” were revealed to me that I have been looking for since I had my spiritual intervention. The power of the teachings would shift my mind and my life exponentially and multi-dimensionally. I met brothers and sisters in the school that all had a base foundation of advanced spiritual understanding and wisdom. I didn’t have to “dumb down” my conversations to fit in anymore. I was surrounded by the most intelligent and magickal people that I hoped to meet. I had hit the jackpot of this life. My life was changing in ways that I had always dreamed of. I was in a relationship that was passionate, joyful, loving, and expansive. I was able to finally live a life that felt like I was leaving prison. As I grew into my power, I was challenged to always grow and never stop reaching for perfection within myself. But the goal was not to be perfect.  It was that reaching for perfection that is what we call progression.

To live a life full of miracles, one must weed out ideas that directly oppose our true nature. I am going to present you one of the truths that the Modern Mystery School hands you upon entering the doors:

“I am an Eternal Being”

What are the qualities of a being who is Eternal? We, in the Modern Mystery School, believe that an Eternal being is light, good, and beautiful that is always growing and evolving. What are some obvious concepts that directly oppose this truth?  Let me give a few examples that I see every day: victimhood, lack-mentality, and self-degradation. If one was to believe and embody that they are indeed Eternal, how can a being, that has always existed, have lack-mentality? To be a victim of circumstance? The victim here is about the lack of accountability of one’s life and not actual real victims with whom I have huge compassion. It’s impossible to say I am an Eternal being and also say I have limitations. Those limitations are self-imposed stops in your progression in direct relation to where you still need healing. Healing can be as easy as “Letting it Go”.  Stop holding onto the attachment to past traumas as a flag of victimhood and let go and move on.  If you are still holding on, you are perpetuating that trauma upon yourself by choice.  Let’s do a little exercise.  Our blocks around self-worth and lack. Anytime something comes up to put the fear in you around let’s say money (which is directly tied to self-worth usually) try saying out loud the opposite affirmation of “I am an Eternal Being” and repeat several times. Let its vibration resonate into your heart. Watch the concerns melt away and be replaced with this truth. Allow yourself to relax and let go of that limiting belief.  You can do this with almost any limiting belief that you have. Try it and see what unfolds. I’ll leave you with a quote from the Founder of the Modern Mystery School, Gudni Gudnason:

“You are an Eternal being, you have never been born and shall never die”



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