The Crowd in the Cloud vs. The Whom in the Room


Social media has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, spilling outside of the sandboxes of individual websites and into nearly every source of news, commerce, searches and even the physical devices we use to access information. We are always connected, encouraged to share and to like and to react to what others share and like. With this ever-present magic 8 ball in the cloud, it is not surprising to see people ask their network to help them make major decisions in their lives. But how wise is it to leave your life open to the influence of the Crowd in the Cloud?

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The world of posts and pics can seem more real than the physical world when real life moments are fleeting while the internet can be archived and searched indefinitely. We are co-creating an indelible and developing definition of our digital selves. The online social network has filled so much of our need for connection and attention, yet can it ever replace in-person contact and the influence of looking another in the eye?

The ancients understood the importance of sharing the same personal space, of vibrating the same air with our words that would move the inner ear of another. In ancient mystery traditions, oral teaching was the only way transmission of the mysteries took place. Printed words and photos can only stimulate two of our senses. Oral tradition includes and requires ALL of our senses, because there is an energy behind the words, a transmission that requires presence to perceive.

The Hermetic tradition involves 10 senses: 5 physical, and 5 extra-sensory or spiritual senses. This philosophy engages the body and the spirit in simultaneous experience, using these “keys” to unlock the passageways in our minds. This process is fundamental to the human experience, though only a self-selected few have chosen to pursue it.

I invite you to choose to engage in this pursuit. Opportunities can be found on our events page. Please come and meet us in person. Ask and you shall receive. Listen, and you may learn to hear with more than the physical senses. Then you may know whom you truly are, and can then, in turn, offer the same experience to those willing to hear what you have to say… with all of their senses.

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  1. Allison Ahern
    Allison Ahern says:

    Hey hey ! Love this article, the message is solid without being accusing. Id love to share some of my writing with you (and allow usage of it on your page) if any of it rings with you. Connect soon and I’d love to share.


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