Hello darkness my old “friend”…

Hello darkness my old "friend"...

Living in the world of distractions, we are faced day to day with decisions: What are the factors we use to decide what we actually do in life? How much of what we do are conscious choices? How much of it is acting out the patterns from the past that we have engraved into the very fiber of our being? What are the real reasons for the things we choose or think we are choosing to do in life?

In the Myriad of images, impulses, emotions, and input from the internal and external world, where do we even begin to start knowing exactly where it all originates from? What would happen if we all choose consciously knowing exactly why? If we shed all the false image of ourselves created by programming, what do we look like? Living from that will, do we will our lives to be what we want from a place of complete understanding? From what part of ourselves are we navigating our lives, and do we trust that part of us completely?

When the less conscious part of us is driving, it might feel as if we are in a dark room… or tunnel without an exit or end. Any direction that we choose to move from here is literally a shot in the dark. Looking externally here yields strange results. Who put us here in this position? And what will get us out of what appears to be an endless darkness? When the external world seems confusing it’s because it’s only reflecting what’s within. So, realizing that all is within and taking the power back inside will catalyze the revolution of our life. When we realize inner truths, the world becomes a reflection of these truths, physically, blossoming like the lotus flower of life.

This is how we move from normal/business-as-usual into an extraordinary life. Normal is OK, but don’t we sometimes feel like something is missing? A mission? Purpose? Or just something more? Realizing that life is just a series of superficial interfaces with inputs and outputs is only scratching the surface and can occupy our existence, preventing us from seeing beyond. There has got to be more…

There is, but we will not find it outside of us. There is more within.

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