How to Choose in the Era of Information Chaos

What’s in your mind?

This pandemic has been isolating. In this self-reflecting “box” we had an opportunity to look at ourselves in ways we didn’t have the time or luxury to prior. Suddenly, we had nothing but time. Some turned to self-discovery, physical exercise, alcohol or other substances, or the internet. We started to operate as a hive mind. Toilet paper ran out at the same time. Air purifiers also ran out. Many things are being bought en masse at the same time. We were in a “box” (lockdown) being fed information from the Internet and fake news was the theme. Even with our growing distrust of the news, we somehow believed much of what was fed to us – quite the dichotomy. When we are in this vacuum of a box, and we are all bombarded with the same set of information that we react to it predictably, is there an actual choice? When are we choosing and when are we moving through actions due to mental programming? 

Choosing: Good and Evil

In the Modern Mystery School, we say there is always choice in every moment no matter the situation – between good and evil. If you think about it, every choice down to what you eat with your mouth or read with your eyes is a choice between good and evil. However, there is a caveat to that, we often surrender our ability to choose to our subconscious programming. 

What does that mean?
How can this information help me and my life? 

What happens to all the information we are receiving in every moment?
When life situations arise, especially when dire, we react from these unprocessed thoughts and impressions in the subconscious. So, this takes us back into the “vacuum of the box” we have been in during the pandemic, we have become even more susceptible to any input coming at us from the media due to our isolation. When we have information that we have not processed, we may not realize that our reactions are actually unconscious expressions of this hidden information. So we stop thinking for ourselves and have already been told what to think. Sounds like a form of brainwashing to me. 

So what are the general themes to these messages?
Fear, lack, judgment, opinions – usually based on an emotional response- are the themes in most of the mass media. This was happening in the background before the lockdowns but it’s magnified even more so after.



Choosing: My Choice

I have studied and tested the tools from the Modern Mystery School, which are designed to empower a person to think clearly and make empowered choices. I have gained the discernment to have true choice and rise above the automatic responses I inherited from the world. Here is a taste of what I have learned:

When we feel helpless, it’s because we lack choice and then fall into the victim complex. The victim complex is a perspective where everything is happening to us. Therefore we are not responsible for our life or actions. It’s all everyone else’s fault. The victim complex is a very disempowering place to be. The only way out of this perspective is ownership of our experience – taking responsibility for our actions so we can move into being able to recreate our own life in a positive and more fulfilling way. 

You are manifesting your life with your mind. 

It might seem preposterous in the “normal” world, but we in the Modern Mystery School we say “All is Mind,” meaning what we think is our reality. I have tested this idea and I have concluded that it is absolutely true. I have been able to manifest consciously by using my mind to craft the life I want. 

ALL is in our mind

The best examples of this, I found, were with my teachers and colleagues in the Modern Mystery School. The Modern Mystery School is a metaphysical system using ancient teachings that date back over 8,000 years of unbroken lineage and oral tradition. Essentially we are a group of spiritual scientists that have tools that passed the rigorous testing by initiates for over 8000 years. The key here is we have to test the tools to have true authentic experience that we can then believe with our own eyes that these teachings and tools work. 

The Modern Mystery School is a collective of some of the most independent and intelligent people that I have ever met. I am a huge skeptic – possibly stubborn or strong-willed – and I do not like to be told what to do. I believe what works for me. I have met many colleagues on this path that mirror that same strength and individuality. I do feel compassion for the leaders of the school trying to teach to an extremely independent group of initiates who don’t always see or listen. Fortunately, eventually, the students were able to apply the teachings into their lives and see and choose good and from that choice, we have true freedom. Freedom from our subconscious programming and knee-jerk reaction to our environment and to be able to live a joyful life of our choosing. 

So I leave you with this:

Are your choices truly yours?
How can you have discernment over the information you are receiving?
Who benefits from that information?
How would your life look when you can actually choose from your true self? 

The choice is yours.


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