A Kabbalist’s review of the Lego Movie (2014)


The Lego Movie (2014) - Kabbalah

The Lego Movie (2014)

The following is one Kabbalist’s perspective on the content and characters from the new LEGO Movie (2014), currently available for digital download, Blu Ray, etc.


We begin with the main character living as a normal guy, in fact so normal he is unremarkable.
[ Unconscious… in and of the World ]

Seemingly by chance (by mistake? by destiny?) he literally falls into a hole that initiates a journey into fulfilling a higher calling.
[ Self Initiation ]

Some new friends show him that there is more going on in the world than he knew, and that he has the potential to be a “Master Builder” or to have the ability to understand the pattern of the physical world in such a way that he could redesign it to fulfill his higher purpose.
[ Initiation into Lineage, Ascension into Malkuth ]

He then goes on a journey where he seems to fail, limited by his beliefs, his emotions, his past indoctrination and subconscious limitations.
[ Ascension into Yesod, Hod & Netzach, Working the Realm of Personality ]

Intuition and necessity forces him to make a snap decision, using his own body to solve a critical problem, and preventing destruction, and allowing him to get to the meeting place of the other “Master Builders”.
[ Ascension into Tiphareth, The Sacrifice, Initiation into the Realm of Individuality ]

After exposing himself as he is to the council of “Master Builders”, and being rejected by them [ Ascension into Geburah, Dark Night of the Soul ], he gets forced into a situation where he has to rely on intuition and past experience he had previously rejected, discovering that he had a special key to his higher purpose all along [ Ascension into Chesed, Acceptance and Mercy ].

The remaining “Master Builders” follow his lead, and integrate an element once shunned and considered a trapping of the “normals” [ Embracing the Shadow Self, Self Knowledge of Da’ath ] and attempt to fulfill the higher purpose together. This attempt, on the verge of success catastrophically fails resulting in the capture of all “Master Builders”, and the main character chooses to sacrifice himself once again, falling into a portal to the real world, to meet “The Man Upstairs” [ Crossing the Abyss, Seeing the Divine Face to Face ].

In the “real world” he is confronted with his positive higher self “a little boy” seeking freedom and possibilities and the negative higher self who is attempting to fix all things in place.
[ Ascension into Binah & Chokmah ]

He struggles to move in this “real world” and through his actions, brings about a resolution of these opposites, bringing the negative and positive into a unified purpose.
[ Ascension into Kether, Attaining the Crown ]

Upon returning to the the LEGO world, he is now seeing the patterns as a Master Builder would, and he finds that old issues have resolved just as they had in the “real world”. But now, this new found freedom has introduced a new element of struggle to address…
[ Kether becomes the new Malkuth, The Journey Begins Again ]

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