Moving Into the Center

In the past, I would stand against the wall, on the fringe, watching those in the middle having more fun and greater influence over everything that was happening. I stood at a distance, wishing I was standing in the middle so everyone could finally see how awesome I was. A few times, I pushed my way to the middle, stood there with everyone’s eyes on me, and I froze not knowing what it means to occupy that center space or how to make use of that kind of attention. Eventually, I broke free from freezing by willing myself to move. I tried to make a lot of prepared noises and fast flourishing movements to keep everyone’s attention. That technique was fleeting and even worked against me as people learned that I was not able to deliver anything of substance.

Finally, I gave up and I stopped trying to push into the middle. Instead, I stopped moving and shifted my focus onto my own center. I asked myself who I really was and what my true gifts are. I got quiet enough to start hearing answers. And then I began to learn how I could make those gifts valuable to myself and to others through practice. After many years — and many more mistakes — I looked up and realized that, more and more, I was finding myself in the center where the action is. I hadn’t moved. It was my world that was shifting to meet me in my center where I know myself and I am the most valuable to myself and to the world.

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