Not the Universe we were looking for?

Earth and the Universe

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Do you feel like this is not the Universe we were looking for? Some of us have lived with the feeling that we have been betrayed. We came here expecting this existence to be AWESOME, life-affirming, abundant and filled with potential. We knew we had a unique and precious gift to share, and we expected to be born into a world ready to receive and celebrate it, providing everything we needed to flourish.

Instead, we found ourselves in a world still suffering from generations of exploitation, the misuse and abuse of our planet, the living creatures, and of our global human family. When we attempted to share our gift, we were told we were “foolish” or “wrong” or even “crazy”. Some of us were told this with words and others with violence. And we eventually learned that to survive, we needed to hide our gifts and reprogram ourselves to conform. Yet, somewhere deep inside we cling to the hope that this is all an illusion and that one day we will wake up in the world we anticipated.

Sadly, A few  of us opted out of this life, finding this condition too painful to endure… often with gifts only partially expressed.

Some of us have persevered, refusing to accept anything less than the full expression of our gifts. Not all of these heroes are known because the present systems of power and influence have not yet evolved to recognize the value they provide. Yet, these expressed gifts are changing the world everyday, increasing the transparency and speed at which the same systems that overlook us are compelled to change.

If any of this sounds familiar, please know that you are not alone. There are those among us who have found a pathway toward wholeness, and are working everyday to realize the dream of the Universe we were promised. Please hold on to your hope, and seek those whose Lights shine brightly. As we learn and share, combining our Lights, we shine brighter together.


Osiris Indriya & Chiyona Dang
10th House ~ Light Center

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