Peace & Change

One of the biggest triggers for negativity is change. Yet, change is essential to all aspects of existence. When we try to stand still, holding fast to comfortable choices, the world leaves us behind. Eventually, the suffering from our stagnation compels us to breakthrough or breakdown until there is nothing left to do but surrender to a more dramatic shift. Running to catch up is much harder than keeping pace / peace with existence. We are not static, no matter how much we would like to think we are. Waiting for everyone else to change so we don’t have to… leaves us alone. There is nothing to wait for. Everything that is happening is happening now. We can’t change what already happened, and we can’t stand on what has not yet come to pass.

One of may favorite representations of this ability to keep pace/peace with change is found in the Temperance card (XIV) from the Major Arcana of the Tarot, also called Art in some decks. This card has many meanings, including the art of maintaining a moving and dynamic balance between contrary forces.

Peace is not a destination. Peace does not stand still.

It is not enough to balance the scale and cement it in place. Peace is an active state that can only be maintained by presence, and the path to presence is finding a resting place in this moment of now. Now moves and is also constant. It is not a paradox, but a condition of progress. And when we can temper our need to know with our desire to grow, we can bring Fire and Water together into a dynamic dance of becoming. But if we stop our motion, the water extinguishes the fire, or the fire evaporates the water. And then we have to source more to catch up with this moment.

Yes, our relationships, our occupations, our communities, our governments and institutions, our towns and cities, our perception of self and the world all change. We can try to fight the primary rule of physical existence, or we can get up and start moving to the rhythm in our heart, dancing to the song of our soul to become inspired and to inspire peace and progress as participants instead of spectators… living life alive… happening to life rather than waiting for it to pass us by.

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