The Power of Attention

Wand of Attention


I hear people talk about the power of intention. Honestly, I am far more in awe of the intense power of ATTENTION. What we focus on is what we are creating in this moment. Intention is important for knowing why we aim our efforts, but the action of realization and manifestation is fueled by what we choose to focus our attention on. This is why ancient magicians held a wand. The wand is the implement of ATTENTION… this is where and what I choose to create! Intent sets the reason, but without attention, nothing is accomplished.

Taking this a step further, let’s say we focus our attention on resisting something we perceive in our world. We focus our whole being on avoiding or circumventing this undesirable thing. What we are doing is reinforcing and strengthening this object, leading to the saying, “What we resist persists!” Instead, we can choose to focus on what we DO want more of instead of what we want less of. We can create opportunity with the amazing power of our attention.

FACT: Your attention is so valuable, that marketers pay billions and billions of dollars to capture it. They get you to pay attention to what they want to create, and when they do their desires are made real! This is advertising. Your attention literally generates income, power and authority for others every day. What would happen if we put this to more effective use for ourselves, becoming more conscious of where we aim our attention? What kind of abundance can we generate for ourselves today by being smarter about what we are paying attention to?

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