Psychedelics: Allies or Enemies?

Are Psychedelics Spiritual? Or something else?

I have been contemplating and collecting experience on this subject for over 20 years, engaging in this conversation with friends and clients as they pursue progress toward their own healing. It is not an easy conversation, but it is necessary if we are going to remake this world in the vision of peace and abundance. I have stayed publicly silent because I know how easily this subject can trigger people who have chosen to include psychedelics in their personal development path. However, I cannot remain mute and continue to watch as people I love and serve are lost to illusion and ensnared in limiting mental constructs.

Costs & Benefits

Psychedelics are often described as mind-altering gateways. People credit them with awakenings to a wider awareness of what is possible. That may be the case from a certain point of view, but at what cost? The cost most commonly discussed is the potential for addiction. Yes, that can be a very serious and all-consuming downside of psychedelic use. But what if the most serious side effect is more subtle and potentially more insidious?

Most would agree that this amazing Universe is governed by laws. These laws include cause and effect, conservation of energy and exchange. If we ingest a substance and receive an experience from that substance, what does that substance get from us in return?

Psychedelics - Allies or Enemies?

Who Is Consuming Who?

Let’s consider this interaction from the substance’s perspective. Imagine you are a molecular being, and that your natural state is inert. Maybe you are synthetic like LSD or MDMA and you are essentially a physical geometric form with geometric consciousness in a state of potential without the ability to actualize that potential on your own. Or perhaps you are naturally occurring like Salvia Divinorum, Ayahuasca or Peyote, and you possess the consciousness of plant or mineral… or even both like Marijuana. And then along comes a strange being with the anatomy of a beast and the imagination of a god. If you could convince this being to let you hitch a ride inside that dynamic body and let you infiltrate that infinite consciousness, oh the things you could do!

What if these substances have a plan for us, an agenda? They are not under our control. If you engage with psychedelic substances and believe you are in control of these relationships, then you are not telling yourself the truth. Aeons of evidence prove that they are very good at what they do. Entire subcultures exist to propagate and proliferate their influence on humans all over the world. Why? Should we be surprised that a being as sophisticated and powerful as a human would find themselves the target of another consciousness? No. Nature always enmeshed species as each seeks to expand and exploit available territory and resources. In this Web of Life, humans embody the gold standard of imagination and consciousness resources on this planet. We alone can literally create and destroy worlds in our minds, and even manifest these endless iterations of vision and ideas into physical reality. We can physically manifest what we first experience in our minds.

To these substances, we are a delicacy. More than that, we are an opportunity for their proliferation and empowerment… and all this at the expense of our bodies, our minds, our wills and our higher purpose. They offer us profound and entertaining illusions nested within illusions, distracting toys to occupy us while they transform us into beings that further their desires.

Please do not fall into the trap of believing these substances are our allies. Being an ally requires mutual respect, and if these substances truly respected our potential, they would not be attempting to infiltrate and reconfigure our existence and faculties.

Meditate in the City if Seattle

There Are Alternatives

If what you are seeking is expanded awareness, higher consciousness, creativity and passion for life, then seek no further! You have everything you need already inside of you. Period. Even better, you have friends like us who have personal experience in the process to break free of limitations and truly live as an eternal being having a physical experience. This is our mission and our service to our clients and to our global human family. I pray that you stay safe, healthy… progressing toward self-knowledge and higher purpose. And if you would like some reflection from a friend and true ally in revealing your unique greatness, please reach out and we will gratefully and passionately support your progress.

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    JOHN ALLEN says:

    Kelly and I werw just discussing this the other day durning astral travel. I have been a short term marijuana consumer and had no idea that there was an exchange of energy from these plants. Im glad I found this article as I had been considering using mushrooms to have an experience.

    The idea that you can take something and almost instantaneously have a visual experience is very alluring especially to those who know there are whole other worlds out there at the tip of our concioussness.

    It is absolutely a blessing that you have shared this information especially to new initiates that may be struggling with the visual aspects of their astral or meditation experience.

    Thank you so much for writing this brother.

  2. Oriononthehorizon
    Oriononthehorizon says:

    I would absolutely agree that the ego has the potential to be consumed by psychedelics. And to the ego, could there be any other reality more potentially threatening, than the sudden knowledge thrust upon it… that it doesn’t exist? ?

  3. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Would you be willing to expand on this at all? There’s enough information here to begin feeling unsure about psychedelic use, but nothing to support questions and worries arising from giving up something that many have only experienced benefit from.

    • Osiris Indriya
      Osiris Indriya says:

      Expand in what way? Do you have any specific questions or thoughts to add to the discussion? As I say in the article, I am not saying there are no benefits. Most people do not really consider the costs. Nothing is truly “free”. Cause and effect are Universal. If something is recieved, there is always an exchange. I am suggesting that psychedelics have consciousness and that they get more from us than many of us realize.


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