Servant of Light

All the masters of light have also been referred to as servants of light. Through true service, one can know oneself fully. Once we know ourselves fully, Enlightenment is attained.


The idea of service has been demoted and degraded to a point where we are programmed to want anything else but to serve, creating more separation resulting in this “everyone out for themselves” type of reality. The evidence of this distortion is evident in the selfish creations all around us. There are more wars, shootings, and despair from this confusion of our service. Self-serving orientation produces separation.

All of us or none of us.

In our tradition of the Modern Mystery School, we say “all of us or none of us” meaning we are all in this together and everyone is our brother and sister, and that you are an Eternal being on a mission to serve at the highest capacity.

Is it feeding the Ego or fulfilling your divine mission? Once we can tell the truth to ourselves, we then determine if we are truly serving or just serving to fulfill an ego desire. True service is aligned with your divine mission to bring a greater good to this world and the inhabitants of it. Unfortunately, our minds are a maze of pitfalls and traps that have the ability to trick us at every turn. We’ll justify selfish desires as service. To discern the difference between true service and selfish service, you can do a diagnostic of your service by asking some questions. What is driving your service? How does it make you feel? Is it an intentional action or a reaction to past trauma? What are the fruits of your service? Is Joy present? Do a mission check – is it still in alignment? Where have we strayed or gotten distracted? Are we doing it for all of us or just some of us?

Compassion is the inverse of Judgment.

It is all too easy to judging others, condemning and pointing fingers, and attacking our brothers and sisters. In the hermetic tradition of the Modern Mystery School, everything you judge about others is really an expression of yourself. We are all one. Taking it a step further…to harm others is to harm oneself.

If everything is a reflection of our inner world, would you want to be judged or would you want compassion and understanding? Compassion for the self expresses outwards and allows compassion to flow to others. To be in true service one must come from compassion from within and reflect that in all aspects of your life and it will align to your mission and purpose. We are eternal beings who came here on a mission to serve the greater good.

Healing through Service

There is a thought that self-healing must happen completely before serving others. It can become a feedback loop of feeling like there is always more to heal and never fully healed. In the Modern Mystery School, we say “All is Mind”. I have found that by stepping aside from my mental excuses and allowing myself to connect with the Mind of God, I was able to serve aligned with purpose.

Self-attainment can often lead to the self-gratification of the ego. Serving from this distorted foundation of filling a void inside, we often feel depleted, lacking, never enough, feeling under-appreciated or hopeless. It eventually leads to a feeling of burnout and resentment due to an attachment to the outcome. It is important to serve from a “full cup” which to me means that you have shed all masks of falsity and really embodying your true divine essence from God. To have alignment with your divine purpose and mission as the driving force for your Service will clear pathways for fulfillment and success. Success is an outcome of the “Full Cup”.

You serve in the light for the light.

While witnessing a massive shift happening worldwide, I am seeing more people wanting to serve from that true authentic place of goodness every day. Miracles are real and constant. Brothers and sisters who came here for a great mission of light are standing up and saying “YES” to serve the highest mission. Let us shed that mask of separation for good and start building a new world through divine service. It’s all of us or none of us…we are all one.


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