Soul. What is it? What is the big fuss? Without it, we are just bio-organic collections of elements, all functioning at the rate of survival. It’s us or them. It’s our animal nature.

But I keep coming back to the soul… that deep inner knowing that there is more to this physicality than meets the cones behind our pupils. Something keeps tugging at me, leaving me clues. Some I pick up on and others fly by like loose pollen.

Our minds are geared up and ready to receive the inputs created to distract us from our true essence. It is the operating system of the matrix, but there are back doors. There are loopholes. Our soul is a hacker into the mainframe of the matrix operating system and the matrix is here to provide many ways to keep you disconnected from it. It’s the way they start “taking souls” in older prophecies. It was an interpretation of the sheer importance of a soul on his planet.

This intangible soul… hard to explain and yet hard to deny. There are addictions in this world that are designed to distance and muddy the connection to the soul like a bad signal or reception.

A clear connection gives way to a miraculous life. A life that has meaning and guidance.

You are never lost as your souls is there for you. A soulful life is full of color and vitality and magick.

How clear is your connection?

Chiyona Indriya

Chiyona was born to make her mark on this planet, ready to support those who are ready to take the leap forward. Her mission is to relieve pain and suffering and spread joy and love wherever she can. She helps others find and live out their higher purpose in life utilizing the tools of the Avatars from the ancient lineage of King Salomon, and grounding them into the now. Chiyona specializes in clearing negative energy from objects, buildings, and people.

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