Spiritual Progression

Spiritual Progression

The spirit is defined by the tradition of King Salomon as the infinite aspect of the individual. Yes, let’s begin with a paradox or a pair of opposites that would appear to negate one another. This infinite spirit is the part of us that was never born and can never die. If this part of us has no beginning and no end, how can it be said to progress?

When we speak of Spiritual Progression, we are speaking about the growth of our interaction with and access to the infinite nature and information available through the realm of spirit and the development of our connection to our limited limitlessness. Yes, a paradox like this is an invaluable source of growth and learning.

In the Kybalion (which can be freely read in it’s entirety at http://kybalion.org/), the oral Hermetic tradition of thousands of years written down more than 100 years ago by Three Initiates, there is a Principal which states that there is an “All” which includes all things in the universe at all times and in all states. It is not a giant leap for our minds, which strive to categorize all things and label them for our convenience, to consider a single category that is all-inclusive. We who categorize ourselves as human are an aspect of this All which some might call God, Goddess or The Universal Power.

This all-encompassing All has a mental aspect or a living Mind which conceives of, considers, plans, and executes creation, much as we as a portion of the All reflect the greater mind with our own lesser acts of mind through our creative expressions. Already we have touched on three of the seven principals discussed in the Kybalion: Mentalism… the mental nature of all creation, Correspondence… the inherent similarity between the larger and lesser aspects of our universe (think of atoms and galaxies as our scientists now can observe), and Polarity… the concept that opposites which seem to contradict are actually ends of a continuum that can be seen as one.

So, the spirit is infinite when we consider one end of the spiritual continuum, yet it is made up of an inconceivable number of individual pieces with each one of us as one of its expressions. This anchors the other end of the spiritual continuum. Both are true and both can be understood by our minds which are a lesser reflection of the universal mind which, like us, is driven to create.

Now, progress requires time to evolve. To move, we need time to measure the beginning, middle, and end of our journey. You are now, but now is moving through time. The question of progression is, what are you doing now to ensure that you are moving toward your goals in life?

How effective is your activity now? You can look to your past as evidence. Is there anything that can increase my effectiveness now so that I may progress more quickly to my goals? The answer is YES. I would love to tell you about it, but this blog is not the proper place or method for this individual communication.

The truth is that only you have the answer to your questions. It is people like me who have also asked these questions, who sought others who also asked these questions, who can help you find your own answer. There are methods known for thousands of years, passed from person to person that are the most effective means to find these answers. And I offer my assistance to you, if you are ready, to embark on a journey designed to enhance your spiritual progression.

Please let me know if I may be of service.

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