When Stepping Back is Moving Forward

Spiral Staircase

Most of us live a compromised life, though it feels fine because we don’t remember it being any other way. When we choose ourselves and we step on a path of growth and inner transformation, we open up to moving forward and gain momentum in a journey toward wholeness. Many of us find that we then begin to experience cycles ups and downs.

This happens because we clear away some of the pain and the toxicity of this world and our experience of it through tradition, discipline, honest assessment, and forgiveness of ourselves and others. This reveals more of who we are and a feeling of being clearer about what we are here to do. Then life happens, and even with the best tools and support, some of that outer and inner toxicity can creep back in… And it feels awful! This is not as much of a setback as it is a result of moving our measure of what “normal” is in our lives – how we feel we should be experiencing life – and when this is compromised it hurts. Yet only days, weeks or months before we were actually in a far worse state, ignorant that any other way of being was possible for us.

So when this happens, it is not an indication of failure, but of success. The success of knowing better the quality of life and relationships we are willing to create and live with. It is also a reminder of the discipline and vigilance that is required to become an agent of growth and maintain this effort for ourselves and for those who choose to walk with us. And the ultimate key to this part of the journey to wholeness is forgiveness, especially of ourselves when we are reminded that we have more to learn as we move forward before we arrive at our ultimate destination.

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