The Silence of Knowing

Silence of Knowing

The silence of knowing invites that which can not be known to reveal itself as the forgotten. Hand in space, the dance can not stop when the world is spinning whole yet becoming. And so we keep moving, keep bringing those who have chosen to follow in the footsteps that hide themselves under fresh fallen “facts”. Wake up and embrace yourself as the choosing one, the decider deciding to read this one more time to help remember the truth we knew in the beginning, at the end. But we forget in the middle when the symphony rings and the orgasm screams the names of God in the voices of choice. Dreaming falls forth into waking without needing to be… Just beginning to see. Listen. There is more than The Man driving this machine… My own hand turns the wheel and releases the broken. No passengers, though we pretend to be when a driver comes into our midst. No shame in that, as long as we each take our turn. Take it, and know that we have it all, and we have it now… Or at least we had it before, so that must mean it can be done again, and again, and… wait. Begin again, but this time leave out the middle. Start with an end. And remember, my friend.

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