The Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone

Throughout my years of striving to reach toward mastery in this life, there is a single recurring symbol that comes to me during times of significant decision. Typically, it returns through the regular occurrences of life like an old friend; it brings a familiar message. And here it is, The Sword in the Stone, a tool of empowerment encased in potential and yearning to be shared.

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The sword is an excellent tool of power, defense, and the mind. Thrust and fixed in stone, this tool becomes useless to all except the one who can free it. The stone is so dense and heavy, holding a wielded weapon motionless, with the pure and gleaming point buried deep in the cold black. The upturned handle is begging to be tried.

In the most well known version of the tale, it is the boy Arthur who, after so many larger and stronger men, was finally able to free the sword from the stone. It was not might or wisdom that allowed him to prevail. He was simply chosen. And by drawing the sword, the boy became King.

The truth is that you and I have been called to a similar task. Our minds, even our very lives have become encased in stone, waiting for the chosen one to set us free. Choose yourself and choose now! As with Arthur, freedom can be initiated through the courage to attempt the impossible.

The question becomes, do we have the courage to become king or queen of our lives, to be responsible for our own greatness? Will we use our new found power for selfish gain, or will we turn back to our family and friends to remind them that they have a similar calling to nobility and command of their own lives? Will we grope in the dark and learn the hard way that power can surely teach, or do we look to those who have already drawn their swords and are using theirs to point the way?

Lay hand on hilt with clear mind and sure heart. Your destiny awaits, but only if you have the courage to draw it out, and once freed, learn to wield it. Only you can pull your sword from the stone, but you do not need to embark on this journey alone.

~ Please contact Osiris Indriya if you are ready for support on this journey. ~

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  1. Gudni Gudnason
    Gudni Gudnason says:

    Dear Osiris,
    these are beautiful and powerful words as are the realizations that compelled them to come out. You have stepped one more step towards the full service that the Hierarchy of Light expects of us all and you are on your way to the full realization of your incredible potential. As a young man in the mystery school I had the same experiences and the words would flow with the power of Victoria (Netsach) and allow me to have the power that I needed to see my mission through. I did not delay nor doubt my path but instead let my heart lead me my the will of the Tiphareth or the Heart of Christ and I did this with one mind, the mind that was quiet as a mountain pond, the mind of Buddha.

    I hope you are strong now brother and will lead the work as the leader that you are, I have been waiting patiently for this flower to bloom and it is a good flower, it is a Carvia Collosa indeed but I will wait for 16 years for this purple beauty to bloom.

    Love and Laughter,

    Gudni GED Gudnason RM.


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