Tradition in the Face of Change

Arab Spring

It is common these days to witness people engaged in a conversation about how we are seeing more drastic change and severe upheaval in the world today than we have at any other point in human history. It can be clearly demonstrated that humanity has been engaged in an accelerated era of change since at least the Industrial Revolution. Now, in the age of information, we have more access to details about individuals and movements virtually anywhere in the world, and this deluge of connectivity and content is only increasing, speeding up the pace of change, allowing us to act simultaneously on the same input without much regard for distance. How are we coping with this increased activity?

Arab Spring

Arab Spring of 2010

Violence, injustice, war, oppression, hunger, and disease have been a part of the Human experience since a time before we learned to write down our first stories. The ingredients in the pot are largely the same, though the soup seems to be heating up to a rapid boil. As the world heats up, literally and figuratively, accelerated change becomes commonplace. Expectations shift. We find ourselves engaged in witnessing social evolution as entertainment. Our technologies, organizational structures and institutions, and our methods and reasons for communication have changed to match this increased pace, but what about the nature of the human being has changed?

Physically, our lifespans have actually gotten longer on average. In the more developed nations, we are having children later in life (and fewer of them). Our record-breaking numbers have pushed us into nearly every corner of the globe, eliminating the isolation that facilitated our genetic evolution for millennia. The substance of our body has not altered to match the pace of what we have created. The parts of us that go beyond our body, the magnetic and energetic structures, have also remained essentially the same since we first emerged from “The Garden” as a new race. And here we are… an advanced and ancient species reaching today to understand yesterday while we create tomorrow.

What if this acceleration is exactly what we were designed for? There have been those among us who have been preparing for this time for thousands of years, passing specialized techniques to maximize the potential of this physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual experience. At first, this information was considered esoteric, or outside of the common need to understand. It was passed orally from person to person in secret, sticking mostly to the educated and those with means… more to preserve and protect than to express. The places where this information was shared were called “Schools of Life”, or mystery schools. Then, by the turning of the 20th century, the first stirrings of “the quickening” had begun and this guarded information was published for the first time as printed words and distributed in books, spreading some of the once tightly held secrets to the uninitiated for the first time. The mysteries were being revealed, but their relevance is only now becoming clear.

This tradition is uniquely relevant in today’s times. With instant and omnipresent access to information, we find most of it is used to either describe an experience or to convince us to purchase something. The clear focus of the ancient teachings and the practices used to transmit their learning is to reach the maximum potential that each human was created with. And boy, could we utilize a bit more potential to face the challenges of today! It should be no surprise that this information is now also freely available on the internet, however, it is diluted with endless commentary, rehashing, remixing and outright lies that it is hard to know what has any real value. How does one discern the truth from the tall tale when they are both outside of our daily expectations? To whom do we turn when we need guidance?

The ancients would say that when the ear is ready to hear, the secrets will be spoken. They would also say that the best secrets keep themselves.  Both mean that these “secrets” have always been accessible, but one must be trained to recognize what they are seeing, hearing and sensing to know it is there. After all, the real measure of Truth with the capital “T” is whether or not it can be found everywhere. Likely, if you are reading this, you already have some experience with this in your own life. But wouldn’t it be easier if you had someone… or even an extensive and diverse global community of fellow seekers to help light the way with you? We are here… watching and waiting. But today, we use a different means to hold our hands to fellow seekers.

I hold out my hand, but only you can know if it is your time or your duty to take it.

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