VIDEO: Sacred Geometry, Mysticism… and Donald Duck?

Donald Duck in Mathmagicland

We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject.”
– Walt Disney [ Wikipedia ]

This 1959 Disney production covers:

  • Pythagoras and music
  • The pentagram, the golden section, and the golden rectangle
  • Architecture and art
  • The human body and nature
  • Games
  • Mental exercises
  • Infinity and the future


Donald in Mathmagic Land is a 27 minute short featuring Donald Duck being led by the narrator through a land of geometry and its mystical roots. Originally released in 1959, it was nominated that year for an Academy Award (Best Documentary – Short Subjects). Eventually this film was distributed to schools, becoming a popular and memorable classic for teaching the history and usefulness of geometry.

Directed by Hamilton Luske
Art by John Hench and Art Riley
Voice talent Paul Frees
Science expert Heinz Haber


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