Western Mysticism: A Spiritual Science

Journeys of the Spirit

Western Mysticism has more in common with modern science than it does with religion. In fact, much of modern science was influenced and developed by initiated mystics like Sir Isaac Newton.

Mysticism is an individual pursuit of the deeper truths that are hidden from each of us, shrouded in mystery or obscured by our modern consumer culture. In this system, there are established methods of testing and questioning, with room for experimentation and the essential and even skeptical discernment of results. Rather than seeking knowledge and information of the world, we explore to find the edges of knowledge – veils between what is knowable and unknowable, both in the outer Universe and the inner planes of consciousness and awareness. These “veils” can be pierced by tools such as geometry, words and actions with symbolic significance, correspondences, and a sophisticated system of interpreting feelings and sensations, etc. Once these veils are pierced, you often reveal an aspect of you on another plane looking back at yourself. And now you have the reward of knowing yourself a bit better.

Mysticism is a “spiritual science” of discovering self-knowledge that becomes understanding through personal experience and living results. This pathway can then be followed all the way to wisdom and even mastery through careful study of tradition (learning from those that have successfully walked ahead of us on the path), dedication to discipline, and most importantly a willingness/desire to fundamentally change. And this change, through application of spiritual science, is what the mystics call magick. It is not smoke and mirrors. It is the act of an empowered being transforming him/herself within and without using the essential tools of imagination, will, and love – all connected with purpose.

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  1. Levi Hernandez
    Levi Hernandez says:

    Wow a true legend in the making! I appreciate the way you articulate your words and paint pictures with them. I’m very excited to attend one of your classes. Thanks for sharing your insight.


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