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12 Races of Earth

Lightworker Training Program

Humans and our Elemental Neighbors

The Twelve Races, sometimes referred to as elementals, include the Elves, Fairies, Mer, Gypsies, Atlanteans, Lemurians, and more. They once lived openly and in harmony with humans; each race serving a purpose that benefited the evolution of each other and our planet. The development of civilized society changed humanity’s attitudes toward these races, causing them to seek refuge in the spiritual dimensions for their survival and for our protection.

In recent years with the thinning of veils that had kept them hidden, members of these races have begun to tentatively increase their interaction with us. This is in alignment with the prophecies of the coming the coming age of peace of the planet, which is also referred to as the New Paradigm or Shamballah.

This exciting day-long class provides a perspective of the world like we have never seen before. It brings Light to the shadows of our existence and gives us clarity about the planet we live on and share with our elemental neighbors.

This full-day class includes:

  • Who these other races are, and what unique gifts they can share
  • How each race assists humanity with the evolution of the planet
  • Truths about how elementals live (dispelling some of the myths)
  • Ways we can respectfully and safely interact with them for the benefit of all


Life Activation by a Certified Life Activation Practitioner.

It is strongly recommended that you experience Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel before taking this class.



Includes a full day of teachings, rituals and printed manual.

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