Astral Travel - Building Your Vehicle for Safe Journeys

Astral Travel

Lightworker Training Program

Building Your Vehicle for Safe Journeys

Astral Travel is the art or science of expanding one’s consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body. Learn why humans have this special ability and how it works. Choose to visit your Akashic Records for personal insights, anywhere on Earth or explore the cosmos beyond! Through practice and understanding, the student can be confident that their Astral experiences are effective, accurate, and informative.

The process of Astral Travel is presented in a very specific manner in this program, which teaches the rules that ensure safety for the traveler. It is taught by specially trained instructors to guide you properly and ensure your success in practicing the art of Astral Travel.

This 4-hour Astral travel class includes:

  • The function of the Astral Plane in the Cosmogeny
  • The physical body’s connection to the spiritual world
  • Accessing and reading from the Akashic Records
  • Ancient rituals for empowerment and protection
  • Practical application of techniques learned



Life Activation and Sacred Geometry I are HIGHLY recommended.

Empower Thyself Initiation is also strongly recommended to get the most from this class.



Includes the four-hour class and printed manual with diagrams and rituals.

Special OfferSave $25 if you book both Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel on the same day! See our events on EventBrite for details.


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