Decoding Tarot -The Lovers Unveiled

Decoding the Tarot: The Lovers Unveiled

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A Formula for Purposeful Living

The Lovers is possibly the most well-known card in the Tarot, and most misunderstood. Card readers often refer to this as the card of relationships and sex, when this card is actually speaking about an essential pattern that is the foundation of our existence.

Tarot, as we know it today, was created in the 16th century by Kabbalists and Initiates of the Western Mystery Tradition to illuminate the secrets of their oral tradition. The cards are representations of the many aspects, or “keys”, found in the master symbol of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life.

The Lovers are found near the top of the Tree of Life, beyond the aspects of everyday life and personality, closer to the source of who and what we are as human beings on the higher dimensions of our existence. The Lovers and it’s cast of characters reveal deeper mysteries about what makes us human, the nature of feminine and masculine energy, and the powers available to us when these two form a dynamic and balanced relationship within us.

This exploration of Tarot symbolism includes:

  • A brief history of Tarot
  • The connection between the Tarot and Kabbalah
  • Uncovering hidden messages in Tarot Cards: The Lovers, The Devil, Death, Temperance and Judgement
  • Esoteric symbolism, numerology and sacred geometry
  • The revealed formula for how we can live a purposeful life
  • Illustrations of what happens when we are out of balance
  • A prescription for returning to balance found in the cards
  • Opportunities for questions and discussion to guide the conversation toward the interests of the group

Whether you are new to Tarot or an experienced reader, this class is designed to provide insights and connections that can meet you where you are and take you to the next level.



Life Activation Session is recommended.


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Osiris was initiated into the Lineage of King Salomon in 2003 to fulfill his life’s mission to master himself and help as many people as he can to do the same. He is a Guide, Ritual Master (Magus Hermeticus), Healer and Apprentice Kabbalah Instructor certified by The Modern Mystery School. Together, he and his wife Chiyona Indriya own and operate Blessoterra in Bothell, WA where they offer advanced spiritual training and energy healing.


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Osiris Indriya

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