Empower Thyself - Mystery School Initiation

Empower Thyself

Lightworker Training Program

Mystery School Initiation

Receive two days of teachings and empowerments from the ancient oral tradition of King Salomon the Wise. These same tools have been used for thousands of years to master this physical life. Mystery school initiation reminds us of the truth inside us all. We can remember how to live as an eternal spiritual being having a physical experience.

This program is for those ready for to get more from life and are seeking a pathway toward exceptional spiritual progression. This is a proven system for transforming your life, knowing yourself, and discovering your unique and higher purpose. Learn how to expand your ability to serve humanity as a Bringer of Light (aka Lightworker).

These secret teachings of the ages are now available to those who request initiation.

Topics covered in this two-day program:

  • What it means to be human being in this Universe
  • An alternate history of humanity
  • Human energetic and spiritual anatomy
  • How we work with creative energy
  • The structure of the mind
  • How to take control of your mental processes
  • Access to unseen forces and beings for support and healing
  • The Sanctuary Meditation technique for communication with your Higher Self
  • Ancient rituals and tools that strengthen and protect your energy, mind and spirit

The weekend concludes with an ancient rite of Initiation into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.


Life Activation by a Certified Life Activation Practitioner.



Includes the two-day class, ritual tools, full-color manual and mystery school initiation.

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