Journeys of the Spirit - Guided Visualizations to Find Truth Within

Journeys of the Spirit

Lightworker Training Program

Exploring the Universe Within

We all communicate with unseen forces and energies in one way or another. Whether we pray to God or thank the fates, humans have always had access to spiritual beings. Most often, messages from these beings and energies are received through our creative abilities.

The ancient mystery school tradition has protected a system for more clear communication, and for receiving clearer messages that are relevant to our personal development. Through a series of guided visualizations to contact your Higher Self, you can safely access spiritual guides, masters of light, elemental beings and so much more.

Included this full-day of guided visualizations:

  • Learn about your spiritual senses (aka psychic gifts) including clairvoyance (spiritual sight), clairaudience (spiritual hearing), and automatic
  • Safely and reliably communicate with unseen energies and beings of Light
  • Access and control an altered state of consciousness using only your own mind
  • Access your Higher Self and mediate messages from spiritual beings


Life Activation by a Certified Life Activation Practitioner.

It is strongly recommended that you experience Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel before taking this class.



Includes a full day of guided visualizations, rituals and printed manual.

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