The Max Meditation System™ is a 1-hour experience where participants are guided through a variety of meditation techniques — breathing, deep-body relaxation, passive meditation (silent mind), active meditation (single focus), and guided visualization. This system was created by Gudni Gudnason, founder of The Modern Mystery School. Gudni brought together his personal knowledge and experiences of ancient Mystery School lineage techniques and energies, Indian and Tibetan yoga, and modern techniques of psychology and NLP into one amazing system that can teach you how to meditate.

All ability and experience levels welcome.

Everyone from beginners to advanced meditators can find many tools in this system to build a better meditation practice.

Benefits of Max Meditation System™:

• Relieves stress & tension
• Increases control over your thoughts and concentration
• Reduced the effects of drama in your life
• Encourages happiness & peace of mind
• Builds self-confidence
• Enhances energy, strength, vigor
• Helps increase clarity and creativity
• Creates a state of deep relaxation & general well-being

$20 per class.
($10 if you “Check-in” using the Facebook App on your smartphone)
Drop-ins welcome!
Prerequisites – None.

Meditations guided by Chiyona & Osiris Indriya

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