Sacred Geometry I - Tools to Protect Your Space

Sacred Geometry I

Lightworker Training Program

Tools to Protect Your Space

Geometry as an art was formed in heaven as a precursor to all creation. It is the language of the relationships between all things in the Universe. Everything is governed by these same essential patterns. Sacred Geometry is the study and contemplation of Divine Proportion and the geometric patterns that are fundamental to manifestation. In understanding these geometric patterns and vibrational energies, one learns the pure language of the cosmos and gains access to universal wisdom.

This 4-hour Sacred Geometry class includes:

  • Awakening the power of the three primary sacred geometries within your body/aura
  • Connecting to unseen forces by utilizing the “Keys to Heaven”
  • Harnessing the four elements to empower your actions
  • Learning an ancient pattern for recreating your reality
  • Activating a room or a building, increasing the vibration for protection of all those within
  • Setting a sacred geometry temple/sacred space



However, Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation are strongly recommended.



Includes the four-hour class and printed manual with diagrams and rituals.

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