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Peace & Change

One of the biggest triggers for negativity is change. Yet, change is essential to all aspects of existence. When we try to stand still, holding fast to comfortable choices, the world leaves us behind. Eventually, the suffering from our stagnation…
Journeys of the Spirit

Western Mysticism: A Spiritual Science

Western Mysticism has more in common with modern science than it does with religion. In fact, much of modern science was influenced and developed by initiated mystics like Sir Isaac Newton. Mysticism is an individual pursuit of the deeper…
Money is Holy

Money: A Measure of Energy and Change

To be financially abundant, our income needs to be uncoupled from the steady march of time ($$/hr. $$/yr), and reconnected to the value we are creating from our efforts. This needs to be a value that we assign to our labors, and we enroll others in through the fruits of what we are able create.
Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone

Throughout my years of striving to reach toward mastery in this life, there is a single recurring symbol that comes to me during times of significant decision. Typically, it returns through the regular occurrences of life like an old friend;…
Arab Spring

Tradition in the Face of Change

It is common these days to witness people engaged in a conversation about how we are seeing more drastic change and severe upheaval in the world today than we have at any other point in human history. It can be clearly demonstrated that humanity…