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Standing in the river of abundance.

7 Concepts From Living Kabbalah That Can Redirect Your Abundance

This message is for you ...if you feel that you could have a better handle on abundance in your life, in its many forms. If you have a huge vision but lack the time, money, energy or resources to make it happen, please read on. You are invited…
Using Kabbalah to Improve Relationships

10 Concepts in Living Kabbalah that Help You Build Healthier Relationships

This message is for you ...if you are seeking new ways to find and experience healthier relationships that include more harmony, mutual support and respect, and contribute the fulfillment of a higher purpose. You are invited to get a taste…
Empowerment vs. Enabling

Enabling vs. Empowering

Empowering: Providing the time, space, support and/or tools for our brothers and sisters to solve their own challenges, and learn the lessons they have called into their life. Inspiring a lifetime of independent thriving, progressing through life lessons into larger and more rewarding challenges!
Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone

Throughout my years of striving to reach toward mastery in this life, there is a single recurring symbol that comes to me during times of significant decision. Typically, it returns through the regular occurrences of life like an old friend;…

Tag Archive for: empowerment